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Acuvue Contact Lenses - Moisture and Comfort

Posted On 05 November 2014

Acuvue - Moisture and Comfort

Johnson and Johnson’s range of Acuvue contact lenses prioritises eye moisture levels as the key to lasting contact lens comfort, whether you’re a daily or longer-term wearer.

Employing high-tech silicon hydrogel technology called ‘Hydraclear’, Acuvue Oasys is a highly permeable two-weekly lens that allows the free flow of moisture between eyelid and cornea.

Where old fashioned contact lenses can start to feel dry and uncomfortable under the eyelid, Acuvue Oasys keep your cornea well supplied with oxygen and nourishing moisture for longer-lasting comfort.  

Those who enjoy the feeling of fresh contacts each morning, but still want the very latest in Hydaclear technology, including UV protection, will be pleased to learn about 1-day-Acuvue TruEye.

Packing the latest lens technology into a one-day lens, Johnson and Johnson 1-day-Acuvue TruEye is a popular one-day lens that offers the upmost in comfort and all-round eye care.


Acucue moist blog

Far and away Johnson and Johnson’s most popular lens is 1-Day-Acuvue Moist. Loved by many for their blend of top notch corrective eye-care and great value, 1-Day-Acuvue Moist lenses have become an industry standard for single-use contacts, against which all other daily lenses must be measured.

Employing highly-breathable, moisture-friendly Lacreon technology, 1-Day Acuvue Moist supplies your cornea with oxygen, moisture and vital nutrients to keep your eyes comfortable all day long.

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