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Kangol Kids sunglasses

Posted On 27 August 2014

School’s out for summer – and so is the sun!

As any parent or child will know, kids love sunshine. No need for purse-emptying trips to the theme park or cinema- with the sun in the sky kids can find fun in the simplest things. The back garden can become a realm of magic and adventure. A bike ride round the local park can become a quest into an uncharted realm of mystery. Eating your greens can become...well, some things never change!

Whether you’re at home or abroad this summer, check out Kangol Kids sunglasses to give your kids the best summer can offer. Available in a range of styles drawing on classic eyewear designs to suit choosy children, Kangol Kids sunglasses offer buckets of style and spade loads of UV protection so important for young eyes.

For kids with an eye for the vintage style of Magnum PI, Tom Selleck, try Kangol Kids Sun 102. With classic aviator looks scaled down for small faces, Kangol Kids Sun 102 are the ideal choice for nascent private investigators and will be the envy of many a jealous dad! 



For girls, Kangol Kids Sun 105 sunglasses channel Hepburn-chic with a child-friendly flower detail that will make them a prized possession for cool kids. With impeccably observed 1950s style, even Grandma will approve of Kangol Kids Sun 105!



For boys and girls, Kangol Kids Sun 101 offer a multi-coloured take on the unmistakable wayfarer style. Even children can recognise the inherent cool of the wayfarer’s timeless black curves - as popular today as they were when you were a kid! 




Check out the full range of Kangol Kids sunglasses at TescoOpticians.com!

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