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Oscar de la Renta - top flight fashion

Posted On 01 September 2014

Oscar de la Renta

Responsible for Jackie Kennedy’s iconic early 1960s attire, Oscar de la Renta has spent five decades in fashion’s top flight. 

Born in the Dominican Republic- 'off the map’ in fashion terms- de la Renta was quick to decide on his vocation and had established his own fashion house by the mid 1960s.

Fifty years on and Oscar de la Renta remains one of the biggest names in fashion and a firm favourite amongst the celebrity vanguard, with Penelope Cruz, Emily Blunt, Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway donning de la Renta dresses at recent appearances.

De la Renta’s latest eyewear range betrays his illustrious past and sparkles with jemstones and ornate metalwork bringing to mind all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

The OSL 506 frame sees de la Renta revisiting his formative years in fashion with a design that draws on the styles of the 1960s and applies a sparkling 21st century makeover. Available for £125 online.

Oscar de la Renta OSL 506 angle

The ornate metalwork and marble-effect colours Oscar de la Renta OSL 500 offer a refined take on glamour, whilst gently tapered sides and gently curved rims suggest a mature femininity. Available for £125 online.

Oscar de la Renta OSL 500 angle

Glamour may be his stock-in-trade, but it is de la Renta’s signature restraint that puts his creations in a league of their own. The semi-rimless Oscar de la Renta OSL 510 shows the less-is-more aesthetic rendered in beautiful polished metal curves and subtly detailed metalwork. Available for £125 online.

Oscar de la Renta OSL 510

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