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Tesco Opticians' Christmas gift ideas

Posted On 01 December 2014


We’ve all been there; dashing round the shops at 3pm on Christmas Eve, desperately trying to find presents for Uncle Alfred and a long-lost-second-cousin-in-law.

No matter how much you plan and prepare your Christmas shopping there always seems to be someone who slips through the net; no wonder the shops are so busy on Christmas Eve! 

To give you the best chance of avoiding the Christmas Eve crush, we’ve put together some of our best gift ideas so you can spend Christmas Eve in the proper fashion – in front of the telly with a glass of sherry and a bellyful of mince pies!

And Remember: you still have until the 14th December to boost your Tesco Clubcard vouchers for double discount at Tesco Opticians!

Children can be difficult to buy for. In times when hula-hoops and the cup-and-ball game don’t cut it anymore, grandparents throughout the land are left scratching their heads over what to buy for the family’s youngest members.

Times may have changed, but one thing kids will always enjoy is dressing up and looking cool. With a wide range of styles available for girls and boys, Kangol Kids sunglasses will be a sure-fire hit on Christmas Day that won’t be forgotten come Boxing Day!

For stylish young adults, brands mean a lot. Ray-Ban and Carrera are two historic brands that haven’t gone the way of the cup-and-ball game and, in fact, get cooler with each passing year!

With exciting new designs from Ray-Ban and timeless classics from Carrera, there’s nothing to separate these two iconic eyewear brands in terms of pure eyewear style. If you’re buying for a young adult, get them something extra special at a great price with Ray-Ban and Carrera.

Even after you’ve crossed every name off your water-tight Christmas shopping list, there’s one person that we all forget to buy for – ourselves! With so many great brands available including Oscar de la Renta, Fendi, Lipsy and Ray-Ban Optical, there’s plenty to spoil yourself with this Christmas at Tesco Opticians.

Remember: boost your Clubcard vouchers today and save yourself the stress of the Christmas Eve shopping dash!



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