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Turn back the vintage clock with Retro 54!

Posted On 21 October 2014

Retro 54 is turning back the clock again with its latest collection of vintage style glasses.

Where Retro 54’s previous designs looked back on the iconic styles of the 1960s, its latest collection lives up to the Retro 54 brand name by taking a purist approach to 1950s eyewear style.

Fashioned in the traditional horn rim style with opulent gold trim, Retro 54 model 26 look like the kind of vintage style gem you might find after a good rummage through Marilyn Monroe’s sideboard.

Given the difficulty of accessing that particular vintage treasure trove, Retro 54 model 26 will be warmly received by fifties fashionistas looking for a piece of Marilyn’s unmistakable style. (Available for £95 online and in store)


In another nod to the 50s golden age, Retro 54 model 27 offer an alternative take on classic horn rim style.

Detailed at the arches and sides with a textured metallic effect, Retro 54 model 27 betray more modern influences, giving them a contemporary edge that is both smart, office-ready and fun. (Available for £95 online and in store) 

The heavy-set lines of Retro 54 Model 31 offer the kind of masculine eyewear style first seen on the political heavyweights of the 50s, and later adopted as the de rigueur hipster style by the likes of Tiny Tempah, Johnny Depp and Mark Ronson.

With wood effect sides paired with a plain black thick-rimmed frame, Retro 54 Model 31 offer spectacularly authentic reproduction of the 1950s most powerful glasses! (Available for £95 online and in store). 

Can’t get enough of the vintage cool of Retro 54? You’re in luck; all Retro 54 frames are available on BOGOF – Buy One Get One Free offer! 

Check out the full range here.

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