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    Reading glasses are used to help far-sighted people who struggle to focus on close up tasks such as reading and sewing to see more clearly. 

    Our vision changes throughout our lifetime and you could find yourself struggling to see things close up at any point in your life.  Even people who have always had perfect vision often find that they need reading glasses by the time that they reach their 50s.  

    If you find yourself beginning to struggle to focus when looking at things close up during your 40s, 50s or later in life, it's likely to be because the lenses in your eyes have stopped changing shape to help you focus as readily as they used to. This is a natural condition called presbyopia which is likely to impact most people at some point during their life. Reports show that 75% of people in the UK aged over 45 require some kind of correction for their eyesight.*

    If you find that you're having to hold things further away from your eyes than usual in order to focus on them then you may need reading glasses. Book a free eye test to speak to an expert and find out if your prescription has changed.

    Add a reading prescription to any pair of glasses in our range

    At Tesco Opticians any frame from our fantastic range of prescription glasses online can be fitted with a reading prescription, including our stunning rimless reading glasses, round reading glasses, retro reading glasses and amazing range of fashionable budget reading glasses.  All prices listed include free scratch-resistant lenses too. We’ve got a pair of reading glasses online to suit every style and budget.

    Free standard, single vision, 1.5 scratch-resistant lenses with all glasses

    We know that reading glasses are often taken off and put back on many times throughout the day and that’s why when you buy reading glasses online from Tesco Opticians they always include a scratch-resistant coating free of charge – helping them to withstand the time they’ll spend in handbags, briefcases, pockets, and the gap down the back of the sofa.

    Shop bought 'ready readers' vs. prescription reading glasses

    Many companies provide off-the-shelf prescription reading glasses or ‘ready readers’ which are often of a low optical quality and could potentially cause headaches, blurred vision and eye strain as the lenses are not made to your personal requirements and measurements.

    When you buy reading glasses online from Tesco Opticians they are made precisely to suit you and your prescription. With reading glasses online starting at just £15 including standard 1.5 scratch-resistant lenses, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to correct your vision.

    Regular eye tests are recommended to monitor any changes in your vision and eye health. Book a free eye test online today and make sure you have the correct reading prescription for your eyes.

    Click here to view our full range of glasses, or take a look below at a few of our favourite budget frames!

    Baseline Lewis

    Our best-selling pair of glasses are these Lewis by Baseline frames. The Lewis frames are a fuss-free, fashionable and affordable frame for men, ideal for reading glasses at just £20.00.

    Party Eyes for Ladies 25 reading glasses

    Ladies, don’t compromise on fashion when you buy reading glasses, get star style for just £15 with the Party Eyes for Ladies 25 glasses. A bold and stylish colour block frame that’s perfect for everyday wear.

    Benny Baseline reading glasses

    The Benny frame by Baseline is another of our best sellers. Ideal for men who want a traditional look that works any time any place and a steal at just £39.10. 

    Connie Baseline reading glasses

    For women who want a simple, stylish frame for everyday reading the Connie frame by Baseline is perfect at just £15.00. A large, full, plastic frame for women, with a slightly curved, rectangular front and textured detail on the sides, they are a trendy addition to any outfit, day or night. 


    * Mintel (February 2013)

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