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A Golden Age of Style - Ray-Ban Optical Glasses

Posted On 04 June 2014

It isn’t an overstatement to describe Ray-Ban’s influence on eyewear as revolutionary – after all, not only did Ray-Ban pioneer the idea that glasses could be cool, they went one further in making glasses a necessary requirement of cool! Today, mention of the name ‘Ray-Ban’ immediately conjures up images of famous faces from stage and screen adorned with the instantly recognisable shape of Wayfarer or Aviator sunglasses.

After starting a style revolution in eyewear, it wasn’t before Ray-Ban met the demand for stylish prescription glasses. Putting optical lenses in their sunglasses, Ray-Ban gave birth to Ray-Ban Optical to bring film-star style into everyday life for glasses-wearers the world over!


Of the entire Ray-Ban Optical range, the Ray-Ban RX5184 is the frame most in line with Ray-Ban design tradition. With an unmistakable black acetate chassis and slightly arched rims, the RX5184 has a classic look first seen during the Golden Age of show business, and one that lives on today with those with an eye for distinctive style.


The Ray Ban RX6238 sees a slight deviation from Ray-Ban tradition. A lean and sharp take on the original Wayfarer style, the RX6238 is Ray-Ban in the work place. With their flat front low-profile metal front and subtly branded sides, self- assured style is the RX623’s business - and business is good!


Frames like the semi-rimless RX7012 give a real sense of Ray-Ban’s time- honoured style credentials and brand longevity. Recalling designs first seen in the 1950s and 60s, its familiar minimalist lines are charged with a sense of history that transcends fleeting fashion trends, planting the Ray -Ban RX7012 firmly within ‘design classic’ territory. 

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