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    Children's Prescription Glasses

    Children's glassesOur range of kids’ glasses feature the latest popular children’s television and film characters in vibrant colours and fun designs, so your kids will love wearing their new frames!

    Children's eyes are changing and developing all the time so getting the right fit and prescription is vital. That’s why our children’s glasses are not available to buy online. Browse our selection of kids’ glasses online and then call us to book an appointment for a free kids’ eye test at your local Tesco Opticians store.

    You can use NHS vouchers in-store to pay for or help towards the cost of your children’s brand new glasses too, so you’ll be as happy as they are! 

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    Teen's Prescription GlassesTeens glasses

    Our range of petite glasses are perfect for fashion-conscious teenagers. The range includes our super trendy and affordable #Spex collection as well as petite frames made by popular fashionable and urban brands like Lipsy and Kangol. 

    NHS vouchers can be used in-store to pay for, or help towards the cost of teen's glasses too.

    Teenagers aged 18 and over can order their prescription glasses online if they wish, but teens aged under 18 will need to come in-store to order.

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    Kid's Non-Prescription Sunglasses

    childrens sunglassesChildren’s eyes are even more sensitive to the sun’s rays than ours are, so it’s very important to make sure that their eyes are protected. Our range of Kangol Kids sunglasses come in bright and playful colours and styles that your kids will love to wear. 

    Priced at just £15 a pair and available to buy online, these cute kid’s sunglasses are a must-have accessory for kids all year around, but particularly during the summer months.

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