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Teaching Children about Eyesight, Eye Health and Opticians through Play

Posted On 03 March 2017


When we received an email from a preschool in Wantage asking if we could donate some frames to help the children learn about opticians and eye tests, we were only too happy to help out.

Reading Glasses: Off-The-Shelf Ready Readers VS Prescription

Posted On 01 December 2016

 Reading glasses banner

 Find out the benefits of prescription reading glasses over non-prescription ‘ready readers’ which can be bought from many high street stores to decide which option is better for you and your eyes.

Road Safety Week: #BeLikeJeff and see the road clearly this winter

Posted On 22 November 2016

 road safety week driving video

 This week is Road Safety Week, so #BeLikeJeff and book a free eye test at Tesco Opticians to make sure that you can see the road safely and clearly this winter.

National Eye Health Week: Cataracts Aren't Just an Elderly Concern

Posted On 22 September 2016

National Eye Health Week Cataracts

Often considered a condition that only affects the elderly, cataracts can cause significant damage to your eyes at any age. Cataracts develop in the lens of your eye, which sits behind the pupil and causes a gradual deterioration in the quality of your sight.

National Eye Health Week: Eye Opening Facts About Your Child's Health

Posted On 22 September 2016

 Child's Eye Health Blog

A child’s health and well being is, of course, a number one priority for any parent, but it seems that children’s eye tests are off the radar for some. A whopping 25 per cent of parents admit that their children have never had an eye examination, despite being entitled to a free NHS eye test until the age of 16, or up until 18 if still in full-time education.

National Eye Health Week: The Essential Guide to Dry Eyes

Posted On 20 September 2016

 Dry Eyes blog

As part of National Eye Health we’ve explored the causes behind one of the most common eye complaints; dry eyes, and looked at how you can manage the condition and relieve symptoms.

Dry eye syndrome is likely to affect most of us at some point in our lives. The condition can vary in severity, cause and duration from person to person, depending on the cause.

National Eye Health Week: Eye Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning With D

Posted On 19 September 2016

 National Eye Health Week: Diabetes Blog

A staggering one in 25 people in the UK have diabetes and this is on the rise as the country faces an obesity crisis.

Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin in the body, leading to an increased blood sugar level.

But did you know that diabetes can have a long-lasting effect on all areas of the body including the eyes, and is the leading cause for blindness in the UK?

National Eye Health Week: 5 Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Your Eyes

Posted On 16 September 2016

National Eye Health Week logo

As part of National Eye Health Week we’ve come up with 5 easy lifestyle and eye care changes you can make to take better care of your eyes and look after your sight. 

This year we will be promoting the campaign on our website and across our social media platforms to show our support. In this blog we’ve come up with 5 quick and easy lifestyle or eye care changes that you can make straight away to keep your eyes healthy and feeling comfortable. 

What Can Eye Tests Detect About Your Health?

Posted On 14 September 2016

High blood pressure eye test

Did you know that your routine eye test also includes checks for signs of health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol?

By looking closely at your eyes, optometrists can tell a lot more about your health than you may be aware of!

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Eyewear and Care

Posted On 02 August 2016

holiday eyewear and care

Use our guide to holiday eyewear to make sure you’ve got all your eye care needs covered when packing your suitcase this summer.

Whether your idea of a perfect break away involves rest and relaxation on the beach in Greece, sightseeing in Rome, or wrapping up warm to hit the slopes in the Alps, you’re going to need the right eyewear to get the most out of your trip.

8 Tips For Looking After Your Eyes at Festivals This Summer

Posted On 22 June 2016

 8 tips

If you’re excitedly counting down the days until you set off to your first music festival of the year, make sure you read our blog about how to look after your eyes at a festival before you start packing! 

Diabetes Week: Diabetes and Your Eyes

Posted On 13 June 2016

 Diabetes week header

To raise awareness for Diabetes Week 2016 we’re looking at how Diabetes can affect your eyes and offering tips on managing the condition to avoid eye complications.

National Glaucoma Week: Tips for Managing Glaucoma

Posted On 06 June 2016

 Glaucoma Header

To raise awareness for National Glaucoma Week we’ve gathered some top tips on managing Glaucoma for those that have recently been diagnosed or know someone who has.

5 Tips for Making Wearing Glasses Fun for Kids

Posted On 01 June 2016

 5 tips for making wearing glasses fun for kids

With bright and colourful kids’ glasses now featuring well-loved fictional characters from movies like Star Wars™ and Snoopy, there’s never been such a fun time for children to wear glasses.

Sun Awareness Week: Protecting your Eyes from the Sun

Posted On 09 May 2016

 Sun Awareness Week image

This week is Sun Awareness Week, so why not take a few minutes to read this blog and learn how to look after your eyes and enjoy the brighter weather safely.

5 Signs Your Toddler May Need Glasses

Posted On 04 May 2016

 5 Signs your toddlers may need glasses

 Toddlers don’t usually realise if they have a sight problem, so it’s important that you know the telltale signs to look out for.

Corporate Eyecare: Looking After Your Employee's Eyes

Posted On 27 April 2016

 Corporate Eyecare

Corporate eyecare schemes help businesses to offer their employees benefits that will keep them feeling happier, healthier and more comfortable in the workplace.

This Thursday is World Safety and Health at Work Day, a day championed by the International Labour Organisation. To mark the day we’d like to raise awareness of the comprehensive range of corporate eyecare solutions that Tesco Opticians offer, to help businesses look after their employees’ eyesight.

How to Reduce Computer Eye Strain Symptoms at Work

Posted On 20 April 2016

Computer eye strain

Get comfortable eyes at work by using the tips in this blog to set up a safe and healthy work space and help prevent eye strain symptoms.

In preparation for World Safety and Health at Work Day which falls on April 28th next week, we’ve compiled some great advice from the Health and Safety Executive to help you improve comfort and reduce computer eye strain symptoms at work.

Allergy Awareness Week: Allergies and Your Eyes

Posted On 13 April 2016

 Allergy Awareness Week

Allergies can affect our eyes at any point during our lives. Some people grow up allergy free and then suddenly develop allergies later in life, whilst others may suffer from annoying, itchy, watery eyes on a daily basis.

World Glaucoma Week: What is Glaucoma?

Posted On 09 March 2016

What is Glaucoma

Did you know that during your routine eye test the optometrist looks out for signs and symptoms of Glaucoma?

Many people believe that an eye test is just for checking if their vision has deteriorated, and don’t realise that it is also a very important health check. During an eye test the optometrist also screens you for signs and symptoms of general health problems and eye conditions like Glaucoma.

5 Eye Health Tips for Bright Eyes this Winter

Posted On 26 January 2016

We’re all aware that bright sunshine and pollen can play havoc with our eyes during the summer months, but have you ever stopped to consider the problems winter months may pose to the health of your eyes?

New Year’s Resolutions for Better Eye Health in 2016

Posted On 29 December 2015

Want brighter, healthier, more comfortable eyes in 2016?
The New Year is a great time to turn over a new leaf and pledge to make positive changes in your life.
And if you suffered with sore, dry or red eyes at any point in 2015 then take a look at our 5 New Year’s resolutions for better eye health and pick out the ones that will help make a happier and healthier you.

Make a sight test your New Year’s resolution

Posted On 24 December 2014

Make a sight test your New Year’s resolution

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

With free sight tests, Tesco Opticians is gifting you a resolution that’s easy to keep. With opticians in more than 200 Tesco stores nationwide, maintaining good eye health is easier than you might think.

30 Minutes to Save Your Sight

Posted On 12 May 2014

There are so many enjoyable things to be done with half an hour – watching your favourite TV programme, going for a run or even baking a cake – all things we’re sure you’d rather do than attend a sight test. Read on to find out why a sight test should be part of your health regime...

Help and advice - Understanding your prescription

Posted On 27 October 2012

There are many different conditions that can affect your eyes in lots of different ways. You only get one pair of eyes, so make sure you look after them and know how to keep them healthy. Find out more about common conditions that can affect your eyes on the blog!

What is glaucoma and what does it mean for your eyes?

Posted On 22 October 2012

The glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions which can affect your vision, and if left untreated, can lead to permanent loss of vision. Early diagnosis and management is vital and the best way to ensure that the condition is diagnosed early is to have regular eye examinations. You should  inform your optometrist if you have a family history of glaucoma or related illnesses. Click here to book an appointment. 

Here comes the sun!

Posted On 03 April 2012

We all know by now the damage over exposure to UV rays can do to our skin, but have you considered the damage it can do to your eyes?  Sunburn isn’t just limited to your skin. Find out more on the blog or check out or amazing range of sunglasses!

Keeping your eyes on the ball

Posted On 03 April 2012

A survey was conducted asking people about their routine eye care. The results were concerning. Whilst the majority of people surveyed knew that they should have their eyes tested every 2 years, only 27% of people had actually visited an optician.

What you need to know about AMD

Posted On 30 March 2012

AMD; have you heard of it? No it’s not the latest dance act from Europe or a new teen actor, AMD (or Age-related macular degeneration) is a serious eye condition that is a leading cause of visual impairment in the UK. According to a study by the College of Optometry, 50% of British adults have never heard of AMD, which considering the prevalence of the condition, is concerning.

Can your diet effect your eyesight?

Posted On 30 March 2012

Some research has suggested that certain foods, such as vegetable, fish, nuts and spices all contribute to the overall health of your eyes. Obviously you can’t beat regular eye tests to keep your eyes in tip top condition, but you can take little steps to help them be at their best. We've listed our ten top food tips to keep your eyes in great condition.