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Introducing I-Choose: The Range of Glasses Designed by You!

Posted On 24 January 2017

 I-Choose intro blog

With over 3,000 different combinations to choose from, our exciting new I-Choose range allows you to design a pair of glasses perfect for you and your lifestyle!

What’s more, I-Choose are part of our popular Buy One Get One Free promotion, so you can receive two self-designed frames for the price of one! 

National Eye Health Week: The Essential Guide to Dry Eyes

Posted On 20 September 2016

 Dry Eyes blog

As part of National Eye Health we’ve explored the causes behind one of the most common eye complaints; dry eyes, and looked at how you can manage the condition and relieve symptoms.

Dry eye syndrome is likely to affect most of us at some point in our lives. The condition can vary in severity, cause and duration from person to person, depending on the cause.

National Eye Health Week: Eye Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning With D

Posted On 19 September 2016

 National Eye Health Week: Diabetes Blog

A staggering one in 25 people in the UK have diabetes and this is on the rise as the country faces an obesity crisis.

Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin in the body, leading to an increased blood sugar level.

But did you know that diabetes can have a long-lasting effect on all areas of the body including the eyes, and is the leading cause for blindness in the UK?

National Eye Health Week: 5 Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Your Eyes

Posted On 16 September 2016

National Eye Health Week logo

As part of National Eye Health Week we’ve come up with 5 easy lifestyle and eye care changes you can make to take better care of your eyes and look after your sight. 

This year we will be promoting the campaign on our website and across our social media platforms to show our support. In this blog we’ve come up with 5 quick and easy lifestyle or eye care changes that you can make straight away to keep your eyes healthy and feeling comfortable. 

National Glaucoma Week: Tips for Managing Glaucoma

Posted On 06 June 2016

 Glaucoma Header

To raise awareness for National Glaucoma Week we’ve gathered some top tips on managing Glaucoma for those that have recently been diagnosed or know someone who has.

Corporate Eyecare: Looking After Your Employee's Eyes

Posted On 27 April 2016

 Corporate Eyecare

Corporate eyecare schemes help businesses to offer their employees benefits that will keep them feeling happier, healthier and more comfortable in the workplace.

This Thursday is World Safety and Health at Work Day, a day championed by the International Labour Organisation. To mark the day we’d like to raise awareness of the comprehensive range of corporate eyecare solutions that Tesco Opticians offer, to help businesses look after their employees’ eyesight.

Acuvue Contact Lenses - Moisture and Comfort

Posted On 05 November 2014

Acuvue - Moisture and Comfort

Johnson and Johnson’s range of Acuvue contact lenses prioritises eye-moisture as the key to lasting contact lens comfort, whether you’re a daily or longer-term wearer.

Employing high-tech silicon hydrogel technology called ‘Hydraclear’, Acuvue Oasys are a highly permeable two-weekly lens that allows the free flow of moisture between eyelid and cornea.

Where old fashioned contact lenses can start to feel dry and uncomfortable under the eyelid, Acuvue Oasys keep your cornea well-supplied with oxygen and nourishing moisture for longer-lasting comfort.

Give Your Eye an Air Supply - Air OPTIX contact lenses

Posted On 16 June 2014

Just like the body that houses them, your eyes need a good oxygen supply in order to work properly. If your eyes look and feel tried, it might be time to try breathable silicon hydrogel contact lenses.

Contact Lenses - A History Lesson

Posted On 11 June 2014

A relative newcomer to the optometric scene, the contact lens is a mere 500 years old. First conceived by Leonardo Da Vinci, a man famous for painting the Mona Lisa, inventing the helicopter, and being history’s foremost know-it-all, the blueprints for the modern contact lens were first drawn up in 1508.

Tesco Opticians celebrate the opening of their 200th store in Streatham!

Posted On 20 November 2013

The confetti cannons were at the ready as Tesco Opticians opened its landmark 200th store in the UK on Monday 18th November 2013! You can visit the brand new Streatham store at 384 Streatham High Road, Streatham, London, SW16 6HP. Don't worry if Streatham isn't your local Tesco Opticians, you can still book a FREE sight test or buy our amazing value prescription glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses in all of our other Tesco Opticians branches! Find our more about our landmark store opening on the blog!