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  • Trustpilot
    December 2016
    I find these lenses very comfortable I don't even notice them in most of the time, my eyes have been fine with them I recieve no discomfort whilst wearing them and haven't had to use drops or anything throughout the day to moisten my eyes, they are very easy to get in and out easily the best contacts I have ever worn
  • Trustpilot
    December 2016
    As someone who thought they could never wear contact lenses again due to the damage hard lenses had done to my eyes, this product is amazing!
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Focus DAILIES® Contact Lenses

  • Focus Dailies are one of the most popular contact lenses, thanks to the technology used by CIBA Vision/ Alcon, which ensures all day comfort and crisp, clear vision. Focus Dailies lenses boast blink-activated moisture and are made for easy handling and insertion.

    Simply order your contact lenses using your valid prescription online, we offer free postage and packaging, or if you need an up-to-date contact lens specification, please book online for an appointment at your local store.

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