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    Choosing contact lenses

    Choosing contact lenses for the first time is easier than you think, thanks to Tesco Opticians’ expert Optometrists. They will discuss the benefits of contact lenses and give advice on which eye care solutions are best for you, be that glasses, contact lenses or a combination of both. 

    For most people contact lenses are easy and comfortable to wear. Learning how to put the lenses in can sometimes be a daunting prospect, but we’re here every step of the way to teach you how to wear your lenses and look after them.

    Tesco Opticians Contact Lens AssessmentContact Lens Free Trial

    Before dispensing contact lenses for the first time, we always carry out a full eye examination and contact lens assessment. During this consultation with one of our fully qualified Optometrists, you will be advised on which contact lenses are best for your eyes and lifestyle and will then be provided with free trial lenses. Once your trial is complete and both you and the Optometrist are happy with the lens choice, you will be provided with a contact lens specification. This specification can then be used to buy your contact lenses in store or online. 

    Reordering Your Contact Lenses

    There are several different ways to re-order your contact lenses depending on the type of contact lens that you wear.

    You are allowed to order lenses that will last you up until your contact lens specification expires. So if your specification is valid for 6 months, you can purchase a maximum of 6 months supply of lenses. If your specification is valid for 12 months, you can supply a maximum of 12 months supply of lenses.

    And don’t worry about having to remember when you need to buy more – Tesco Opticians is on hand to remind you in plenty of time to get your next order in, so you’re never without your contact lenses.

    If you have already purchased contact lenses via you can now use our Quick-Click re-ordering service in the My Account section. Our system remembers your prescription and details and your lenses could be on their way to you in just a few clicks of the mouse.

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