Rising starts of the Bloggosphere - Retro 54


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Rising stars of the blogosphere - Retro 54

Posted On 27 May 2014

At a time when fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye, style moguls are turning back the clock to revisit classic styles that stand out amid fleeting fashion fads. Riding high on the wave of revivalist fervour, the ‘Retro 54’ brand is proving to be a smash hit in the homeland of 21st century style, The blogosphere.

For those new to the term, ‘blogosphere’ is the name given to the huge network of online thought and opinion created by blogs and their connections to one another. In today’s increasingly online world the blogosphere has become a nerve centre for new ideas; so, when a brand like Retro 54 starts finding favour with bloggers, you know it’s time to start paying attention!

Loved for its studious style that brings to mind the schoolyard charm of Harry Potter, the Retro 10 from Retro 54 was recently featured in the popular Wonderful You blog. Pictured below, author of Wonderful You, Megs, uses the Retro 10 to lend a suitably sophisticated finish to a striking emerald green vintage outfit. 

Retro 10 worn by Megs

Retro 54 has also been praised in the Cosmopolitan magazine-endorsed pages of Dolls Are United! whose author, Amy, was particularly taken by the comfort and 1950s-inspired geek-chic of the Retro 09 design, which she incorporated into a cool collegiate look. 

Retro 09 Dolls Are United

From the ethereal blogosphere to good old-fashioned paper pages, love for Retro 54 is spanning generations of media, with glasses-dedicated publication My Glasses And Me printing its admiration for Retro 54’s cherry picking of styles from decades-gone-by in its reassuringly inky pages. 

Check out the generation-spanning style of the full Retro 54 range at TescoOpticians.com!

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