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Summer Style Tips from Megs, author of 'Wonderful You' blog!

Posted On 15 May 2014


 Retro 10 - Megs Wonderful You

We talk glasses and summer style with fashion blogger and trend-setter, Megs, whose vintage style blog 'Wonderful You' has recently featured Tesco Opticians' exclusive Retro 54 glasses.

What do you think sets your style apart from other style bloggers?
To be honest, I wouldn't say there's much that sets me apart. Each blogger is completely fabulous in their own way! My personal style is completely centered around me feeling comfortable, so perhaps that it's fairly relatable to your average young woman might be a better reflection!

What are your favourite trends for SS’14?
I'm totally and utterly head over heels for anything cat-eye. The retro-vintage feel helps to spice up any look and is a trend that will stick around for seasons to come.

What inspired you to start your blog?
I very randomly stumbled across a blogger whilst searching for hairstyles! I read their blog for a few months before I sat back and thought, hey! I could do this too - and the rest is history :)

You embrace wearing glasses- what do you look for when you choose a new pair?
I do indeed. I'd definitely say something a little quirky, oversized and tortoise shell!

Do you think that your glasses say a lot about your personality?
100%. That's the best part about wearing them. It's so easy to express your style through your glasses and they often help to complete looks you throw together.

What is your favourite outfit that you've styled with the Retro 10?
Definitely this one: I feel like I could be cast in one of the Harry Potter films!

What would be your best advice for girls who to feel confident making their glasses part of their look?
Shop around - we don't buy the first pair of shoes we try on, that would be silly, so why do it with your glasses? Take a friend with you and make a day of it! Try as many on as you can and take pictures of you wearing them so you can look back and make a decision without pressure - you don't have to buy them right there and then :)
Retro 10 glasses by Retro 54 are available at TescoOpticians.com


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