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    Ever wondered about the benefits of those added extras? At Tesco Opticians we provide a variety of lens options to ensure that your prescription glasses are perfect for you. Here you can learn more about what the options are, how much they cost and most importantly what benefits they will bring you.

    Lens Options

    Anti-reflective coating

    Tough and scratch resistant, our anti reflection means a longer lasting lens for your prescription. Anti reflective coating is ideal for driving, especially at night, reducing the danger of glare from bright lights and reflections on the road. 

    Because our coating is water and oil repellent your lenses will be super easy to clean – dramatically improving their cosmetic appearance.

    Anti-reflective coating
    You can add anti reflective coating to your prescription glasses for just £30. 

    Photochromic Brown & Grey

    By getting darker when exposed to Ultra Violet rays, photochromic lenses create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor vision – no matter how bright it is outside. Photochromic lenses will always stay light indoors and will give you ultraviolet protection outdoors, meaning there is no need to swap to sunglasses! 

    Available in either brown or grey, you can choose your photochromic lens tint to suit your chosen frames. Photochromic lenses are available for just £49, saving you from splashing out on expensive sunglasses!

    Thin & Light

    Our comfortable and lightweight, Thin & Light lenses are perfect for customers with prescriptions that would usually require a much thicker lens (+/- 3.00 sphere). Disguising the actual thickness of the prescription and giving the eyes a more natural look.
    Thin and light lenses
    Thin & Light lenses are amazing value at just £40 and include our anti reflective coating as standard!

    Polarised Brown & Grey

    Polarised lenses are the ultimate sunglasses lens, available in a choice of brown or grey.

    Not only are our polarised lenses the highest quality coloured sunglass tint but they also remove the glare from the sun that can bounce off surfaces like a road or water, improving your vision for sports, driving and everyday life.

    We can provide polarised lenses for your prescription for an additional £49. 

    Tints - blue, brown, green & grey (inc UV coating)

    With four tint colours and four tint shades, we’ll have the perfect combination for your prescription. All of our tinted lenses come with ultraviolet coating to protect from the sun’s rays. Available in a choice of brown, grey, blue and green, each colour is available in shade that determines when you can wear your glasses – so you can choose a tint to match your frame!

    Pale tinted frames can be worn all the time and will only colour the lens a little.

    Our light tint can still be worn at all times and will reduce light by approximately 20%.

    Medium tints are much darker with a stronger colour and ideal for bright conditions, reducing light by around 40%.

    The dark tint is the strongest we have available. Meant for those who are exceptionally light sensitive it reduces light by around 80%. It is essential to remember that current EU regulation states that dark tints must not be worn for driving at any time. 

    Green Tinted Lenses
    We can provide a tint for your lenses for just £20 extra on any pair of Tesco Opticians prescription glasses.

    Varifocal Lenses

    Varifocal lenses provide for a range of vision, from faraway to close up.The top of the lens is used for distance vision, the middle of the lens has your intermediate (arms length) prescription and at the bottom of the lens is for reading

    Unfortunately varifocal lenses are only available in our stores as they require additional measurements which are too difficult to take online. However we have a range of different varifocal options available in store, so don’t wait, book an appointment now.

    Bifocal Lenses

    Bifocal lenses allow you to see at two different distances through the same lens. Each lens will have line across them to split the two areas of vision.The main part of the lens is for distance vision and the bottom of the lens is for near vision and reading.

    Bifocal lenses may be a little more expensive than standard vision lenses, however buying bifocals will save you from having to invest in a second pair and save you effort swapping your glasses over for different activities, like reading or watching the TV.

    As we are unable to take the measurements for bifocal prescriptions online, our highly skilled opticians will be able to do so for you in store.

    Come and have a look, find your nearest store now.


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