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    Glasses lens options


    Ever wondered about the benefits of those different lens options and add-ons? At Tesco Opticians we provide a variety of lens options to ensure that your prescription glasses are perfect for you.

    Click on the name of each lens option in the table below to learn more about what the options are and what benefits they offer.


    Lens Option





    Thin & light lenses Add-on £40
    Photochromic lenses Reactive lens £49
    Polarised lenses Sunglasses lens £49
    Mirrored lenses Sunglasses lens £30
    Coloured tint (includes UV protection) Sunglasses lens £20
    Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating Add-on £30
    Standard, scratch- resistant coating Standard free add-on FREE

    Once you’ve added a pair of glasses into your basket you will be taken to a page where you can enter your prescription and select which lens options you’d like to add to your order.

    Thin & Light Lenses

    lens options page thin & light lenses

    Our comfortable and lightweight, thin and light lenses include our anti-reflective coating as standard and are perfect for customers who have prescriptions with spheres of over +/- 2.00. Standard lenses for prescriptions above +/-2.00 could result in thicker and bulkier lenses. Upgrading to thin and light lenses disguises high prescriptions, keeps glasses feeling light and comfortable, and gives eyes a more natural look.

    Photochromic Lenses

    lens options photochromic lenses

    Photochromic lenses offer clear vision indoors and darken when exposed to UV rays outdoors, making them perfect for those who’d like the benefit of both sunglasses and prescription glasses without having to splash out on both or constantly switch between the two.

    Photochromic lenses stay light indoors and then darken when exposed to UV rays to give you ultraviolet protection outdoors, meaning there is no need to swap to sunglasses! Photochromic lenses are available in either brown or grey.

    Polarised Lenses

    Lens options polarised lenses

    Polarised lenses are the ultimate sunglasses lens and are available in a choice of brown or grey.

    Not only are our polarised lenses the highest quality coloured tint for sunglasses, they also remove the glare from the sun that can bounce off surfaces like the road or water to give you clearer vision. Polarised lenses are the ultimate lenses for sunglasses to improve your vision for sports, driving and everyday life.

    Mirrored Lenses

    Lens options mirrored lenses

    Mirrored lenses give sunglasses a cool and fashionable finish. Our mirrored lenses are available in grey, red or blue and give any style of sunglasses a cool and modern look.

    Coloured Tinted Lenses

    Lens options coloured tinted lenses

    Turn any pair of frames from our website into a pair of tinted glasses or sunglasses by adding a coloured tint and choosing a tint level. All of our tinted lenses include protective UV coating and you can choose from blue, brown, green or grey tints.

    If you want to wear your sunglasses whilst driving avoid the darkest tint as EU regulations state that dark tints should not be worn for driving.

    Anti-Reflective Coating

    Lens options anti-reflective coating

    Our anti-reflective coating will reduce glare, making your prescription glasses perfect for driving in, especially at night. The coating is also tough, scratch-resistant and water and oil repellent, making them super easy to clean.

    Standard Scratch-Resistant Coating (Free)

    If you’ve only got a low prescription, you won’t be wearing your glasses for driving and you’re on a budget then you might find that our standard, free, scratch-resistant coating is all you need!

    If you’re looking for varifocal or bifocal lenses please book an appointment to visit us at your local Tesco Opticians store. These lenses require additional measurements that are difficult to take accurately online and so must be prescribed and fitted by one of our in-store experts.

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