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5 Ways Wearing Contact Lenses for Sport Could Improve Your Performance

Posted On 15 January 2016

Every January people all around the world pledge to get fit or take up a sport as one of their New Year’s resolutions.   

If you’re thinking about taking up football, rugby, tennis, or even running this year then you may have already bought a new sports bag or pair of trainers, but have you considered your eye wear yet?
Anyone who has worn glasses whilst playing sports in the past can probably empathise with how inconvenient they can be. 

Although glasses make great fashion accessories, they’re not always practical whilst playing sports, which is why so many people choose to wear contact lenses instead.

If you’re still undecided about the benefits of wearing contact lenses whilst doing exercise, take a look at these 5 ways wearing contact lenses for sport could improve your performance.

Not distracting
Wearing glasses whilst playing sport can be a major distraction because the motion of running or jumping can cause your frames to slip down your nose or move around on your face. If you’re constantly distracted by your glasses then it could negatively affect your overall performance.
Contact lenses will sit comfortably on your eyes where you can’t even feel them, so that you can concentrate on what you’re doing instead of worrying about your frames.

Not affected by weather

When playing outdoor sports you’ve got to be prepared for any kind of weather; especially at this time of year! If you’re wearing glasses you’ll probably find yourself having to stop every few minutes to wipe away dirt, rain or mist to allow you to see clearly.
Although you can’t do anything to change the weather, wearing contact lenses will prevent impaired vision caused by foggy glasses, and prevent you from being at a disadvantage to other players.

Can’t get broken

Because glasses aren’t designed to stay on securely during rigorous exercise, it is possible that they could fall off or get broken whilst you’re running around.
Leave your favourite frames safe at home and pop in a pair of your prescribed disposable contact lenses instead to avoid worrying about potential costly breakages whilst playing.

Don’t cause obstructed vision
Whilst wearing glasses it is always possible to see the frames in your peripheral vision, but most people quickly get used it. When you start playing sports you may find that your frames and slightly reduced peripheral vision become more noticeable again as the quality of your vision can have a direct effect on your sporting performance.
Contact lenses sit on top of your eye and move as your eye does, meaning that they are always in your line of sight, thus eliminating the obstructed vision caused by glasses.

Comfortable when worn with safety gear
Some sports may require you to wear safety gear, like bicycle helmets for mountain biking. If you’re wearing glasses then you may find this kind of gear uncomfortable to fit around your glasses.
Whilst wearing contact lenses this kind of safety gear is not obstructed and can be worn comfortably.

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