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6 Tips for Getting the New University Term off to a Winning Start

Posted On 12 January 2016

When the supply of Christmas leftovers has dried up, it’s a sure sign for students that it’s time to start thinking about returning to uni. 

Going back to university after Christmas can seem daunting after such a long break, so it’s a good idea to use some of your spare time during the holidays to get prepared.

Start this semester the way you mean to go on by following these 6 simple steps to get organised and motivated for the new university term.

Make new term resolutions and goals

If you were always late for your lectures last term, or constantly pulling all-nighters the day before your assignments were due, then the new term is a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf when it comes to your study habits! After all, staring at a computer screen late into the night will not only make it difficult for you to produce your best work, it could also leave you with a bad case of eyestrain. 

Set yourself some new semester resolutions and write down measurable and achievable goals to help you to stick to them and start the new term the way you mean to continue

Reset your body clock

During the holidays it’s easy to fall into the habit of going to bed late and getting up at lunchtime, which can make early mornings a shock to the system when you first get back to university. Make an effort to start going to bed and getting up at a reasonable time in the days leading up to the new term. Resetting your body clock will help you to avoid sore, red, tired eyes when you get up for your first 9am lecture.


What student doesn’t love new stationery? Get yourself organised for the term ahead with new pens, pencils, folders, printer ink and paper. Work out a system for keeping all your notes and assignments organised and invest in a calendar specifically for keeping track of academic dates like tutorials, assignment deadlines and exams.

 university stationery

Sign up to My Lens Plan or order new glasses

If there’s one absolute essential you’re going to need this semester it’s to be able to see clearly for writing assignments and taking notes in lectures. Make sure you’re sorted for contact lenses and glasses before the new term begins and your student loan starts to quickly diminish.  

 My Lens Plan* is perfect for hectic student lifestyles. Never run out of contact lenses again when you sign up to receive contact lenses through the post on a regular basis and evenly spread the cost of your lenses. If you wear glasses then January is a great time to buy new frames for a fresh new look this semester. 

If you’re due an eye test don’t forget to book a FREE sight test appointment first!

 Contact lens direct debit scheme 

Know your modules and reading list
Although it may feel tempting to bury your head in the sand about your impending studies, it will make the process a lot easier if you familiarise yourself with any new subjects now rather than on your first day back. Dig out your new syllabus and reading list and do a bit of research into any new modules now so that you know what to expect when you get back and there’s no unpleasant surprises!

Posters and photos for your wall
Feeling a little glum about going back to University after the long break back home with family and old friends? Buy some new posters and get photos printed to brighten up your university bedroom’s walls when you get back to help beat those post-holiday blues.

* My Lens Plan is a direct debit scheme that helps you spread the cost of your contact lenses with monthly payments. We will then deliver your contact lenses to your home for free, making mornings without fresh contact lenses a thing of the past. The service is flexible and contract-free. Click here to find out more about My Lens Plan.



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