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Travel Tips - 5 Ways To Pack Smart

Posted On 03 August 2015

Here at when you buy a pair of prescription glasses priced at £65 or more, you can get a free second pair*. Perfect if you're in need of a new pair for your holidays.

But apart from packing your eyewear, what else can you do to pack smart? Here’s a list of little holiday tipss to make travelling a little more enjoyable.

1. Roll your clothes. This saves space, makes it easier to find things in your bag and reduces wrinkles.

Swiss roll

2. Turn your light coloured clothes inside out. This won’t stop leaking liquids from staining your white t-shirts, but it should keep them free from any other dirt that might be floating around on shoes or from inside your dusty luggage.

3. If you’re packing shoes, stuff them with your socks to save a handy amount of packing space.

Shoes and socks

4. Don’t take a guidebook if you’re headed somewhere with decent mobile signal or WiFi. Plan your day online each morning and simply jot down any key details (restaurants, tram routes etc.) with a pen and a scrap of paper. That way, you can travel light and you’ll plan better. If the hotel can’t arm you with a small pocket map, use your phone to take snapshots of Google Maps when you’ve got WiFi – that way you can save on mobile data when you’re out and about.

5. If you’re travelling in a pair and you both like to read on holiday, take three books between you or take an e-reader. That way, when you’ve finished one, they’ll always be a second and you won’t be waiting for the other person to finish.

Big books

*Subject to availability. Cheapest product free. Offer ends 28th September 2015. Excludes Dior, Gucci prescription glasses and Ray-Ban non-prescription sunglasses. Excludes designer prescription sunglasses. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Both pairs made up to the same prescription, with standard (1.5 index) single vision lenses. Extra lens options are not included in this offer, but can be added on both the prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses for the charges shown in our ‘3 easy steps to your perfect glasses’ leaflet. 

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