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Fendi - Get a Fifties Fix!

Posted On 06 May 2014

As one fashion season changes into the next, word on the catwalk is that 1950s style is back! In fashion houses across the world, designers are harking back to the golden age when fashion as we know it today first emerged from a newly affluent and restless culture.

As one of Italy’s leading fashion houses, Fendi are at the forefront of this season’s retro style renaissance with their new range of glasses - all black acetate frames and arched lines - bearing the unmistakable influence of 1950s chic.

Fendi F978

The Fendi F978 frame is a classic example. Aside from some subtle branding at the temples, the frame is without embellishment, relying instead on strong lines for an overall effect that carefully balances everyday style with catwalk fashion.

Fendi F1037

Similar in style, the sleek profile Fendi F1037, with a shallower frame and flatter lines, is the most conspicuously retro design in the range. Though it’s easy to imagine a pair of Fendi F1037 perched on the end of a secretary’s nose somewhere in 1950s America, Fendi’s current fashion fixation stops well short of kitsch to remain comfortably within designer glasses territory.

Fendi F933

50s chic isn’t the only style on offer, with Fendi’s F963 and F933 offering more traditional Italian fashion-house styling. Semi-rimless and full framed versions of a similar design, the wide sides and ornately stylised Fendi branding eschew fashion fads in favour of the classic tropes of Italian designer eyewear.

So, whether you’re looking for the latest catwalk craze or timeless design classics, the latest Fendi glasses collection, with its bringing together of enduring design and fashion finesse, has the perfect frame for you!

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