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Contact Lens Myth-Buster

Posted On 21 August 2015

Before trying contact lenses you might be researching the pros and cons of wearing lenses, so, we wanted to help by debunking six of the most common contact lens myths.

Myth number one – Contact lenses are difficult to keep clean

Many contact lens customers actually wear daily disposable contact lenses, which require no cleaning at all as each day you start with a fresh pair of lenses, at the end of the day you simply remove them and throw them away – the ultimate in convenience and hygiene.

However, if you don’t have daily lenses but instead have contact lenses that you reuse and throw them away after a fortnight or a month you will need to clean your lenses when you remove them. But even this is simple and straightforward, as all you have to do is simply remove the lenses and store them in a case with cleaning solution overnight and the lenses will be ready for you to wear the next day. Gone are the days where you needed to have lots of different bottles to keep your lenses clean. In most cases our Optometrist will recommend a one bottle cleaning solution that does everything that you need to keep your lenses clean and safe to wear.

If you think that initially you may not get into the routine of cleaning your lenses then you can always set an alarm to remind you each night, or download a contact lens app for your phone like LensPal from Acuvue. You could even stick a post-it saying ‘clean lenses’ on the bathroom mirror or somewhere else you always visit before bed.

Myth number two – You can only wear contact lenses for 7 hours a day

Contact lenses are made in a variety of materials, some of which will enable you to wear contact lenses safely for longer periods. Within your consultation our Optometrist will ask when you would like to wear contact lenses and for how long, they will then discuss the options available to you to ensure you have the convenience of lenses for the time you need but still maintain the health of your eyes. The length of time you can wear your lenses is very much an individual thing and the best person to advise you is your optometrist.

Myth Number three – Contact lenses are difficult to put in and take out

This can be a common concern especially if you are not used to applying makeup or using eye drops. Actually, when wearing contact lenses you never have to physically touch your eye – when you are applying the lens, it is only the lens that ever comes in contact and our advisors in store will show you lots of different techniques of doing this and give you as much time as you need for you to feel confident.

Alternatively if you feel really concerned about how to apply and remove contact lenses, discuss with our Optometrist whether lenses that only need to be applied and removed once a month would be suitable for you. We have a range of contact lenses that use unique technology to allow them to be worn continuously for up to 30 days – even at night. That way you only have to take them out and put them in once a month, instead of every day. These lenses will require using eye drops to refresh the eyes and we recommend they are cleaned weekly for optimum freshness, comfort and vision.

Myth number four – You cannot sleep in contact lenses

A lens made of traditional contact lens material should not be worn overnight or whilst sleeping as they restrict the level of oxygen that the eye needs when the eyes are closed. However, there are many contact lenses that are made of new materials that will allow you to sleep in your lenses. For example, Acuvue Oasys lenses can be worn safely continuously for up to six nights if you need to. Contact lenses such as Air Optix® Night & Day Aqua can be worn for up to 30 days and even whilst sleeping. So with these lenses you shouldn’t be worried if you forget to remove your lenses after a big night out - you can drift into sleep safe in the knowledge that your eyes will still get everything they need to stay healthy. Discuss your eyecare needs with your Optometrist, they are best placed to guide you to the best lens for your needs and lifestyle.

Myth number five – You can’t wear contact lenses if you already have dry eyes

Some contact lens wearers may have stopped wearing lenses due to dry eyes, this is because traditional materials can act like a sponge and soak up the moisture that is on the eye making them feel even drier. Contact lens suppliers have invested a lot of time developing new materials and techniques to help prevent this – if you feel that you may have dry eyes ask our Optometrist about the latest contact lenses that have been designed to minimize this drying out effect, such as Air Optix® Aqua or Acuvue® Oasys® Hydraclear® Plus. Not everyone can wear contact lenses but with these new developments, more people than ever can!

Myth number six – Having astigmatism means you cannot wear contact lenses

Certainly in days gone by, having astigmatism meant that you may not have been able to wear soft contact lenses - this is because soft lenses couldn’t accommodate the change in shape of the front surface of the eye – leading to a poor level of vision and an uncomfortable fit. With the introduction of ‘Toric’ contact lenses, astigmatism now doesn’t have to be a barrier to wearing soft lenses – even daily ones!

So as you can see there are many different contact lens options available and these days there are very few reasons why you shouldn’t try them. If you need additional information or advice why not visit one of our Opticians departments to find out more from your Tesco Optometrist.


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