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Seven makeup tips for glasses wearers

Posted On 07 April 2015

This month we'll be posting plenty of tips for makeup and glasses wearers. Here are seven to get you started.

1. Use a lighter concealer under the eye to combat shadows cast by your glasses.



2. A liquid concealer will prevent cracks, which can be magnified by your lenses.



Liquid concealer

3. Curling your lashes lets more light hit the eye and helps combat shadows.



Lash curler

4. A soft eye liner used at the top lash line is great for definition. Try bronzes or greys.




5. The chunkier the frame, the thicker the eyeliner should be. And vice versa.



Chunky frame

6. If you wear rounder frames, highlight your cheekbones and contour your cheeks.



7. Save mascara for your top lashes. Bottom lashes are already darkened by your frames.


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