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Valentine's Day: His and Hers Glasses

Posted On 10 February 2016

 If you and your significant other have similar fashion sense then you may find yourselves wearing matching or complementary outfits more often than not. 

If you’re both glasses wearers too why not embrace your couples’ style with a pair of matching ‘his and hers’ frames? We reckon you’ll be the cutest couple everywhere you go!

(Don’t forget the prices of all our frames are inclusive of standard (1.5) single vision lenses and free scratch resistant coating.)

The Creative Couple

 Couple's tortoiseshell glasses

These two plastic tortoiseshell frames from Sacred and Baseline make the perfect pair for the fashionable or creative couple.

The women’s Midnight frames by Sacred have upswept, feminine outer corners and slightly more delicate arms, whilst the men’s Julian frames have a more masculine, angular finish and chunky sides.

The Urban Couple 

 Couple's red urban Glasses 

Perfect for the trendy, urban couple, these two bright red frames by Urbn West and Party Eyes will set your Valentine’s Day alight.

The Party Eyes for Men frames have dark contrasting black arms, whilst the women’s Erica frames have matching black inner arms. The curved upper frame on the Erica frames gives them a softer finish than the squarer men’s frames.

The Hipster Couple

 Couple's black plastic glasses

These two thick black ‘his and hers’ frames are a match made in heaven for the trendy hipster couples out there.

Both frames embrace the geek-chic look with their large, oversized lenses and thick black frames. Whilst the men’s Kangol 243 frames have a classic square frame, the women’s Retro 35 frames have a quirkier, horn-rimmed appearance.


The Practical Couple

 Couple's simple metal frames

These simple, minimal frames would be the perfect choice for the practical and yet stylish couple.

Both pairs of frames come in dark shades that will never look out of place, no matter what outfit you’re wearing. The men’s Neil frames by Brink Collection have a sharp, angular, masculine shape, whilst the women’s Sadie frames by Baseline have thinner more delicate arms and a softer, almost oval frame shape to flatter feminine features. 


All prices inclusive of standard (1.5) single vision lenses and free scratch resistant coating.
Don’t forget if you purchase any of our frames that are priced £65 or above then you can get another pair of glasses absolutely free* with our BOGOF offer. So go on, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day!

*For the full terms and conditions of our buy 1 get 1 free offer please click here.


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