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    For most of our customers a trip to the opticians will result in peace of mind that their eyes and vision are healthy, or an updated prescription for new glasses or contact lenses.

    This makes it easy to forget that regular eye tests are a very important part of everyone’s routine health checks. An eye test doesn’t only check your vision; it also looks for signs and symptoms of general health conditions.

    The optometrists at our 206 stores nationwide work hard to promote the importance of regular eye tests, as every once in a while an eye test can reveal signs and symptoms of something more than deteriorating eye sight and potentially be life saving!

    A handful of Tesco Opticians customers who have our optometrists to thank for more than their latest prescription have agreed to share their stories below to promote the importance of having regular eye tests.

    Richard Brannan Following a series of persistent headaches, self-proclaimed hypochondriac Richard Brannan visited Tesco Opticians for an eye test. Read Richard's Story Here... 
    Richard Brannan  
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