• Are Our Eye Tests Free?

    Tesco free eye test


    Yes! Our Eye Tests are Free for Everyone!

    At Tesco Opticians we’ve made it our mission to look after your eyes.

    We believe that your eyesight is one of your most valuable assets and that everyone should have access to free sight tests to help ensure their eyes are healthy. 

    That’s why we offer completely free eye sight tests to everyone!

    Those not eligible for an NHS-funded sight test

    You don’t need to be eligible for an NHS funded sight test to qualify for a Tesco Opticians free eye test with us. Our sight tests are completely free for everyone. It really is as simple as just booking an appointment with us and then turning up on the day. Book your free eye test here

    There is no obligation to buy anything from us afterwards either.

    Those eligible for an NHS-funded sight test

    If your eye tests are usually funded by the NHS then you can book a free sight test with us and it will be funded by the NHS as usual. Please bring your paperwork to proof eligibility for an NHS funded sight test and then when you arrive for your appointment we will complete all the necessary NHS paperwork for you.

    Find out if you’re eligible to an NHS-funded sight test or optical voucher on the NHS website here.


    About our sight tests:-   

    • Professional and comprehensive 30 minute eye test. You can read more about what happens during our eye tests here.

    • All of our Optometrists are fully qualified and professionally registered with the General Optical Council.

    • You will be given a copy of your prescription at the end of your eye test. 

    • Once you’ve had a sight test with us we will send you a reminder letter through the post when our records indicate it is time for you to have another eye test. 

    • We offer a huge range of prescription glasses complete with standard 1.5 index lenses starting from just £15. 


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