• A Guide to Coloured Contact Lenses

    Coloured contact lenses





    What are coloured contact lenses?

    Ever wondered what you’d look like with a different eye colour? Or wished you could mix up your appearance a bit?

    Coloured contact lenses allow you to temporarily enhance your existing eye colour or try out a completely new look whilst also correcting your vision if required!

    Coloured contact lenses sit on the surface of your eye in exactly the same way that normal contact lenses do. The difference is that coloured contact lenses have a coloured area on the lens that will cover your iris in order to change the appearance of your eye colour. The centre of the lens, the part that covers your pupil, remains clear so that you can see without any obstruction. 


    Prescription or zero power coloured contact lenses?

    Cosmetic coloured contact lenses from trusted brands like Freshlook and Air Optix give you the option to either enter your prescription, if you need vision correction, or select zero power lenses if you don’t.

    Zero power coloured contact lenses are for cosmetic use only, they are sometimes referred to as plano lenses.

    Even if you have perfect vision and only want to wear non prescription coloured contact lenses for cosmetic reasons, you will still need to have the lenses professionally fitted and a valid contact lens specification before you can place an order.

    When adding coloured contact lenses to your basket on the TescoOpticians.com website you will be asked to enter your prescription. If you need non-prescription coloured contact lenses then you simply need to refer to your valid contact lens specification for your base curve and diameter values and then set the sphere value to ‘0.00’.


    How to get a contact lens specification for coloured lenses

    contact lens specification

    There are a number of different brands and models of coloured contact lenses to choose from, each with different specifications and a variety of shades.

    This is why it’s important to have a contact lens fitting with a qualified optometrist or contact lens optician so that they can identify which type of lens is best for your eyes, as well as for achieving the look that you want.

    1) Book a contact lens fit at your local Tesco Opticians store using our online booking tool to speak to one of our optometrists about which lenses may be suitable for you. If you choose to go ahead and purchase contact lenses, one of our colleagues in store will then show you how to look after your lenses and techniques to insert and remove them.

    2) Once you have worn the lenses for a period of time you will need to return to the store for an aftercare appointment. During the aftercare appointment our optometrist will make sure that you are happy with your new lenses and check the health of your eyes. They will need to make sure that the lenses are fitting correctly and your eyes are healthy.

    3) If everything looks good you will then be issued with a contact lens specification that you can use to order your lenses online.


    Types of coloured contact lens available

    Your optometrist or contact lens optician can help you to choose which type of coloured contact lens is right for you.

    The different types of coloured lens available on the market today all provide different looks in a variety of intensities, from subtle, natural coloured contact lenses to violet contact lenses or bright blue contact lenses.

    Before going for your contact lens appointment it’s a good idea to think about what look you want to achieve. Are you looking for a subtle enhancement to your current eye colour or a complete change to your natural eye colour?

    Colour enhancing vs. opaque lenses

    Some brands of coloured contact lenses may provide more subtle colour enhancing effects, whilst others provide a bold, opaque coloured lenses that will completely mask your natural eye colour.

    Generally, colour enhancing lenses work best for people with eyes that are naturally light in colour and are looking for a more subtle and natural change to their eye colour, whilst opaque lenses are better for those with dark eyes or those looking for a bold transformation.

    Our optometrists will be able to advise you of the best lens to achieve your desired look during your contact lens fit appointment.


    Choosing a colour and shade

    coloured contact lens shades

    Those with naturally light eyes

    Enhancing – If you’re looking to enhance your natural eye colour then try choosing a colour enhancing lens in a brighter shade of your natural colour to make your eyes stand out more.

    Subtle – If you’re after a subtle change then why not try a pale shade of a different colour? For example those with naturally blue eyes could try a shade of grey or light green.

    Bold – If you’re looking for something really bold then go for a colour that is more unusual with your skin tone or hair colour. People with naturally blonde hair could go for striking dark brown, bright green or violet lens.

    Those with naturally dark eyes

    Enhancing - If you’re looking for a subtle change to your naturally dark eye colour, why not try enhancing the brightness of your eyes with a lens like Acuvue Define – Shimmer? These enhancing lenses will add depth and contrast to your natural eye colour.

    Subtle- If you’re looking for a subtle change for dark eyes, why not go a shade lighter and try hazel contact lenses?

    Bold- For a bold new look, those with dark eyes should use opaque coloured contact lenses to completely change their eye colour. Light coloured lenses like pale blue or green can look particularly striking when combined with a darker skin tone or hair colour.


    Are coloured contact lenses safe?

    Coloured contact lenses are safe to use providing that they have been fitted by an eye care professional and you are following a good contact lens care routine as recommended by your optometrist or contact lens optician.

    Beware of cosmetic lenses being sold by non-optical retailers. Even contact lenses with zero power are classed as a medical device so they should only ever be purchased from an optical retailer and you will always need a contact lens specification to buy them.

    According to the General Optical Council it is a criminal offence for contact lenses to be sold without the supervision of a registered optometrist, dispensing optician or medical practitioner. These retailers who sell contact lenses over the counter are actually breaking the law and should be avoided.


    Coloured contact lens care and advice

    coloured contact lens care

    Once you’ve got comfortable wearing your new coloured contact lenses it’s important to remember to keep maintaining a safe and hygienic contact lens care routine.

    Below are our top contact lens care tips to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable. 

    • Never share lenses with anyone else, even if they're non-prescription.

    • Always rub, rinse and store reusable lenses using the recommended solution.

    • Don’t wear lenses for longer than advised by your optometrist or contact lens optician

    • Remove lenses immediately if eyes become sore or irritated.

    • Always wash and dry hands before handling your lenses.

    • Put lenses in before applying makeup and remove lenses before taking makeup off.

    • Never allow the contact lens or case to come into contact with tap water.

    • Never shower or bathe whilst wearing your lenses.

    • Don’t wear your lenses when swimming. 


    Ready to get started?

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