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    What is pupillary distance (PD)? 

    Pupillary distance is a measurement we use to ensure that the focal centre of your glasses is fitted perfectly for you. We measure the distance between your eyes and use the middle of your nose as a reference point.

    Your PD measurement is taken when you place your order. The following steps will help you to carry out your own PD test online, using this simple tool. We will take three photographs with your webcam. Once you are happy with the photos click continue and they will be used to measure the distance between your eyes.

    What you will need

    All you need is A PC/laptop with a webcam (the PD measuring tool is not currently available on mobile or tablet devices) and your Clubcard or a credit/debit card with magnetic strip (for measurement, not billing). Simple instructions will guide you through the PD measuring process.

    Locate your clubcard or credit/debit card (for measurement, not billing)
    PD frame1  
    You also require a PC/laptop & webcam    
    PD frame2  
    Then simply follow
    the instructions
    on screen
    PD frame3  

    How it works

    Face your webcam and position yourself approximately 80cm away from your screen (pic 1). You may then be prompted to allow our measurement tool access to your webcam (pic 2). We’ll then take three snapshots of your face while you hold your Clubcard or credit/debit card below your nose (pic 3). Then simply click ‘confirm’ if you’re happy, or try again if you want to have another go.

    Sit at roughly arms length from your screen (about 80cm)
    PD Frame 1  
    Allow access to your web camera when prompted
    PD Frame 2  
    Hold your card under your nose and follow the instructions
    PD Frame 3  
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