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5 Tips for Making Wearing Glasses Fun for Kids

Posted On 01 June 2016

 5 tips for making wearing glasses fun for kids

With bright and colourful kids’ glasses now featuring well-loved fictional characters from movies like Star Wars™ and Snoopy, there’s never been such a fun time for children to wear glasses.

Although many children take to wearing glasses like a duck to water, for others there can be a little settling in period whilst they get used to their new eyewear.

The most important thing you can do during this time is to avoid turning wearing glasses into a battle with your child, and instead concentrate on making wearing glasses fun for them!

Here are 5 fun ideas for positively reinforcing the benefits of wearing glasses to your kids. 

Let them pick their own frames

kids pick their own glasses

You may feel a little aversion towards those bright yellow and green frames with the garish cartoon character on the side, but it’s not you that’s wearing the glasses.

 If your child gets excited about seeing their favourite cartoon character on a pair of kid’s glasses in their favourite bright yellow colour then they’re far more likely to look forward to wearing their exciting new frames than they are a plain pair that you’ve picked out for them.

Give your child free reign over picking a pair of frames that they’re going to love to wear.

Don’t forget children’s glasses are free! All children under the age of 16 and 16-19 years old still in full-time education qualify for an NHS voucher. Find your local Tesco Opticians and visit us in-store to start trying on our kid’s glasses. Read more about our range of kid’s glasses in our teens and kid's glasses blog.

Show them how much you like glasses

If you or anyone in your immediate family wears contact lenses, try wearing glasses around your child instead. If you don’t need glasses then buy a pair with clear lenses to wear around the home whilst your child is getting used to theirs so that they don’t feel ‘different’.

Begin by wearing for fun activities

 childrens glasses

If your child is a little reluctant to wear their glasses at first then it’s important to remain patient and positive! Don’t turn wearing glasses into a battle or they will learn to associate negative feelings with wearing their glasses.

Try introducing wearing them bit by bit at first. If your child is short-sighted but loves watching television try encouraging them to put their glasses on to watch their favourite show and then allow them to take them off again afterwards if they want to. Once they’re used to wearing their glasses for one activity, try introducing a new, fun activity where they will benefit from wearing their glasses and encourage them to wear them for this too.

Before long they’ll realise the benefits of wearing glasses and enjoy having clear vision all the time.

Point out how common wearing glasses is

If none of your child’s friends wear glasses then they may feel uncomfortable about looking ‘different’. Let kids know that everyone is unique and all our differences should be celebrated, as they’re what make us interesting. 

Wearing glasses is very common now, so there’s no reason that your child should feel different for wearing them, even if none of their immediate friends wear them. Point out other members of your family or friends who wear glasses and ask them to talk to your child about how their glasses help them and how much they like wearing them.  

Expose them to books and TV shows with characters wearing glasses 

 kids glasses

The popularity of the Harry Potter book series and films had children worldwide crossing their fingers during their eye tests in the hope that they’d be told that they needed glasses like their fictional hero.

Exposing children to popular media like books, films and magazines that show their favourite celebrities, characters and heroes wearing glasses is a great way of showing them that wearing glasses is fashionable and something to be proud of.

Our range of Mr Peabody and Sherman children’s glasses feature the popular bespectacled duo from Dreamwork’s 2014 big-screen animated adventure and are available to buy in-store at Tesco Opticians.

 Peabody Sherman frames
Read more about our range of kid’s glasses over on our blog ‘Teens and Kid’s Glasses: Are you set for the summer term?

Need to book a sight test for a child? Give us a call on: 0345 601 3479 to book a FREE eye test at your local Tesco Opticians. Find your local opticians using our handy store locator tool.

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