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Our Top 10 Autumnal Frames

Posted On 28 September 2016

 top 10 autumnal frames

With the weather on the turn, why not freshen up last year’s autumn/winter wardrobe with new glasses for the new season?

Autumn is a cosy time of year. The air turns crisper and the days shorter, but it’s still pleasant enough outside to be able to wrap up in a coat and scarf and enjoy a walk in the park.

During this time of year the landscape changes from the bright and cheerful colours of the summer to a richer, earthier palette. During the autumn/winter months fashion tends to echo these shades, with oranges, dark green, burgundy, gold and brown becoming popular in the fashion world.

Why not freshen up last year’s autumn/winter wardrobe with a new pair of glasses to suit the season? We’ve chosen our favourite five men’s and women’s autumnal frames below.

Don’t forget, if you buy any pair of glasses priced at £65 or above, you can receive another pair of your choice up to the same value absolutely free as part of our buy one get one free offer*.


Gant / Milo / Tortoiseshell

autumn glasses gant milo

These men’s designer frames by Gant feature square lenses and a marbled tortoiseshell coloured finish. With their straight brow line and high nose bridge, these prescription glasses have a sleek, masculine look.

Urbn West / Terence / Bronze 

Autumn frames Urbn West Terence

The Terence frames by Urbn West have an attractive, shiny bronze finish on durable, metal frames and sides. The simple, understated metal finish to these rectangular shaped glasses gives them an expensive and refined appearance. Also available in gunmetal. 

Baseline / Dale / Brown

Autumn frames Baseline Sale


These highly affordable and trendy Dale glasses by Baseline have large, rectangular lenses in durable, chunky, plastic frames. The frames come in a deep shade of chocolate brown with a glossy finish, the perfect shade for autumn. 

Retro 41 / ’54 / Tortoiseshell

Autumn frames Retro 41

If you’re a fashion conscious metropolitan male, then choose these suave, circular glasses from ‘54 and they’re bound to become your favourite fashion accessory of the year. These slender, distinctive frames have refined, retro style. Also available in black. 


Baseline / Christy / Brown

Autumn frames Baseline Christy

The popular women’s Christy frames by Baseline come in a warm shade of brown with golden highlighting at the temples and on the inner frames. Costing just £39.10, the Christy frames are a must-have everyday autumn accessory. 

Diane von Furstenberg / 5055 / Rose

Autumn frames DVF 5055

The DVF 5055 frames by high-end fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg have flattering oval lenses and come in a glossy, jewel-like finish. These frames are a soft rose colour to the front with deep burgundy sides and feature gold detailing at the hinges. Also available in brown.

Baseline / Anne / Gold

Autumn frames Baseline Anne

The Anne frames by Baseline feature small oval lenses and an unobtrusive, lightweight frame. Bright, gold, metal frames to the front are beautifully complemented by brown sides, a perfect accessory for any autumn wardrobe.

’54 / Retro 17 / Brown

Autumn frames Retro 17

These highly fashionable retro 17 glasses by ’54 feature a straight brow line and a rounded lower frame. To the front the frames feature an up-to-the-minute two-tone effect, with solid rose coloured lower frames and light brown tortoiseshell upper frames. Also available in purple.

Pace / Nord-Lite / Brown

Autumn frames Pace Nordlite


With their round lenses, retro shape and gradient style frames to the front, these women’s Pace frames by Nord-Lite are a highly fashionable addition to any autumn/winter wardrobe. These extremely lightweight chic frames will add a touch of class to any ensemble.

Found your perfect autumn accessory in amongst our men’s or women’s selection? Treat yourself this autumn to a fashionable pair of frames that will complement your cold weather wardrobe.  

If you’re still looking for that perfect pair of frames then view our full range of prescription glasses here.

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