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#BeLikeJeff and Virtually Try on Glasses at TescoOpticians.com

Posted On 10 March 2016

 Be Like Jeff Video

Need new glasses but never have the time to pop in-store to try on frames? #BeLifeJeff!

Jeff uses the Frames on me feature on our website to virtually try on glasses from anywhere; whether he’s on the train commuting to work, or just sat at home and reluctant to venture out in the rain.

Jeff doesn’t let a busy lifestyle get in the way of looking after his eyes and buying new glasses... and neither should you!

Watch our video below to find out how you can #BeLikeJeff. 


Browsing our glasses using a computer with a webcam?

The ‘Fit Live’ Frames on me feature allows you to virtually superimpose glasses of your choice on your face whilst on webcam. The effect is just like looking in a mirror, as you turn your head you’ll be able to see on-screen how the glasses look from any angle!

Browsing our glasses using a mobile phone, tablet or computer without a webcam?

If you’re using a smaller screen, or don’t have a webcam, you can still try on our glasses by uploading a photo of yourself and selecting the ‘Fit Photo’ option.

Frames on me even allows you to share images of yourself trying on different frames with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter to get their opinions on which frames suit you best!

Ready to start trying on glasses and discovering your next new look?

Find out more about how Frames on me works by clicking here, or click the button below to see our full range of frames available to virtually try on. Don’t wait any longer to get new glasses, #BeLikeJeff.

Footer Frames on Me

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