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Summer Holiday Books for Kids Who Wear Glasses

Posted On 26 July 2016

 Books for kids who wear glasses

Inspire kids this summer with children’s books featuring brave, kind or adventurous glasses-wearing characters that they can relate to.

Although kid’s glasses now come in a huge range of fun and fashionable shapes and designs, children’s fictional characters that wear glasses are still surprisingly difficult to come by.

Children love characters that they can relate to, and we love stories and characters that celebrate eyewear and reinforce positive feelings about wearing glasses to children.

This inspired us to round up 9 of our favourite children’s books featuring loveable glasses-wearing characters that will make kids proud of their eyewear.


What I Like About Me (Allia Zobel-Nolan)

kid's book what i like about me

A fun little board book full of different textures to play with and flaps to lift and look under. This book gives a strong and positive message to kids that all the little differences in our appearance are what make us special.

I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses (Lauren Child)

I really absolutely must have glasses

‘I really absolutely must have glasses’ features popular children’s characters Charlie and Lola as they go on a trip to the Opticians.

Kids may recognise the characters from their popular animated TV series. This book is a great introduction to the world of Opticians and glasses for young children as it will help them to understand what to expect at their first eye test!

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Rex’s Specs (Jack Hughes)

Rex's Specs

A beautifully illustrated little book that teaches children why some people wear glasses whilst others don’t. The book follows Rex the dinosaur who needs to wear glasses.

One day Rex decides he doesn’t want to wear his glasses and gets into all sorts of trouble without them.

Young Children (ages 5-8)

Luna and the Big Blur (Shirley Day)

Luna and the Big Blur


This quirky story is about a little girl called Luna who dislikes her unusual name and glasses. 

One day she decides to ditch her glasses, resulting in all kinds of funny mishaps that will have kids in stitches.

In the end, Luna’s Dad teaches her to feel good about her glasses and the things that make her interesting and unique.

Eliot, Midnight Superhero (Anne Cottringer)

Eliot Midnight Superhero kid's book

Kids adore superheroes so this book is bound to capture their imagination and become a firm favourite. Eliot, Midnight Superhero is a story about a seemingly ordinary little boy who wears glasses and has a big secret.

By night Eliot transforms into a superhero to perform heroic acts and has daring adventures.

Monty, the Dog Who Wears Glasses (Colin West)

Monty the dog who wears glasses


Monty the dog is a clumsy, lovable character who loves food and sleeping. His owner gets him a pair of glasses thinking that it may stop him having so many unfortunate accidents.

Although it turns out that Monty doesn’t actually need glasses, he continues to wear them without lenses as he likes them so much.

Older Kids (ages 8+)

Harry Potter series (J K Rowling)

Harry Potter book cover

No list about children’s books featuring bespectacled characters would be complete without featuring the Harry Potter series!

Children all over the world have been wishing for glasses so that they can be just like their magical hero ever since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first released in 1997.

Swallows and Amazons (Arthur Ransome)

swallows and amazons


The children’s book Swallows and Amazons has been capturing children’s imaginations for countless years. This children’s classic is the perfect summer holiday read as it tells tales of idyllic childhood adventures involving camping, fishing and swimming.

The adventurous main character Dick Callum is described by the author as being a smallish boy with large black-rimmed spectacles.

How to Rock Braces and Glasses (Meg Haston)

How to rock braces and glasses

Older girls and young teenagers will fall in love and identify with this story of middle school drama and hierarchy.

When the most popular girl at school discovers she needs braces and glasses she finds herself falling out of her social circle, will she learn to rock her braces and glasses and rise to the top again, or does she find she quite enjoys being out of the limelight?

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