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Don't Miss Out! Boost Your Clubcard Vouchers Before the End of the Week

Posted On 21 June 2016

 Summer CCB 3

The countdown is on until the end of the last ever Clubcard Boost event! Don’t leave it too late; boost your Clubcard vouchers now and double their value to spend on summer eyewear at Tesco Opticians!

Whether you’re jetting off to the Bahamas or sunning yourself in the wilds of the Welsh coast this summer, our Clubcard Boost event is the perfect excuse to kit you and your family out in brand new eyewear ready for the summer!

Boost your Clubcard Vouchers to spend online at Tesco Opticians. 

When you boost your vouchers you double their value, so every £5 worth of vouchers you boost becomes £10, every £10 becomes £20, and so on. This is the very last Clubcard Boost event that Tesco will be running so don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the last one your best one yet!

Not decided how to spend your vouchers yet? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves on how to spend your vouchers online at to make the most of this summer with Clubcard Boost!

Feel great on holiday in new prescription sunglasses

If you don’t wear contact lenses or prefer not to wear them for long periods of time, prescription sunglasses are an absolute must-have accessory for any summer holiday. Luckily for you, our range of Brink Sun prescription sunglasses come in all the latest shapes and styles so you’re sure to find a flattering pair that will look great in your holiday selfies!

Our Brink Sun range are priced at just £40 each so you only need to boost £10 worth of Clubcard vouchers to receive a pair at half price, or £20 worth of vouchers to receive a pair for free!

Men’s | Brink Sun 15

Brink Sun 15 prescription sunglasses

Women’s | Brink Sun 10 

 Brink Sun 10

Keep your kids’ eyes safe whilst they’re playing outdoors this summer

It’s great to finally get the kids playing outdoors during the summer holidays instead of holed up in the dark watching YouTube videos or playing computer games, but if they’re going to be spending a lot more time outdoors it’s important to make sure their eyes are protected. Our range of Kangol Kids Sunglasses will protect kids’ eyes from harmful UV rays whilst they’re playing outdoors. What’s more, they’ll love to wear their shades too as this fun range comes in a rainbow of bright and playful shades and styles.

Priced at just £15 each, you only need to boost £5 worth of Clubcard vouchers to receive a pair of these cute kids’ frames for just £5! Alternatively, you could boost £15 worth of vouchers to get 2 pairs for free!

Kangol Kids 104 


Kangol Kids 104

Kangol Kids 102

Kangol Kids 102

Stock up on a 3 month supply of contact lenses to cover you for the whole summer


Saving for your summer holiday but running low on contact lenses? A 3 month supply of Focus Dailies All Day Comfort lenses for both eyes costs just £54, that’ll last you not just your summer holiday but the entire summer from now until mid-September! 

Boost £25 worth of Clubcard vouchers to stock up on 3 month’s supply of these lenses for just £4!

Dailies contact lenses

Treat yourself to new prescription frames for summer events and occasions

 Is your calendar looking jam-packed this summer? Summer is the prime season for weddings, parties and impromptu get-togethers. If you’re trying to freshen up your wardrobe ready for the summer’s social events without spending a fortune, why not treat yourself to two new pairs of prescription glasses in our Buy One Get One Free offer whilst Clubcard Boost is still on? That way you can still go for your favourite designer brands without eating into your holiday fund!

Boost £25 worth of Clubcard vouchers to get either of these frames for half price and then choose an additional pair of frames priced up to the same value to receive completely free! OR boost £50 worth of Clubcard vouchers to get either of these frames, plus another pair of your choice completely free! You can’t say fairer than that!

Women’s | Lipsy 30 

Lipsy 30

Men’s | Kangol 244

Kangol 244

Don’t leave it too late, the final Clubcard Boost event ends this Sunday! Boost your Clubcard vouchers to spend online at Tesco Opticians here, and starting making the most of summer! 

Summer CCB 1


*Subject to valid prescription. 


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