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Clubcard Boost is Back! Double your Voucher Value on Eyewear

Posted On 17 May 2016

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Boost your Tesco Clubcard vouchers and receive coupons worth double their value to spend on a new pair of prescription glasses, contact lenses or sunglasses ready for the summer!

Tesco’s final Clubcard Boost commenced this Monday 16th May and will be running until Sunday 26th May. 

During this time you can login to our Clubcard Boost website at any time to ‘boost’ your Clubcard vouchers to double their original value to spend online at Tesco Opticians**.

That’s right; you can now double your money!!

So if you have £5 worth of Clubcard vouchers you can turn this into £10 optician’s coupons to spend on eyewear. If you have £40 of Clubcard vouchers, this will become £80 to spend on eyewear, the sky’s the limit!

You can either use your vouchers to receive a discount off your order or to pay for the whole thing.

 Connie Baseline glasses

For example, these Connie frames are our best-selling women’s glasses online and are priced at just £15* including standard 1.5 scratch resistant lenses.

Boost £5 worth of Clubcard vouchers to receive these popular glasses for just £5!

Brink Sun 15 sunglasses


These men’s Brink Sun 14 prescription sunglasses are the perfect accessory for casual wear this summer and are priced at just £40* including 1.5 tinted single vision lenses.

Boost £20 worth of Clubcard vouchers to receive these fashionable prescription sunglasses for FREE!

Double your money with Clubcard Boost and treat yourself, a friend, or member of your family to a new pair of sunglasses for the summer, or stock up on contact lenses ready for your summer holiday. To boost your vouchers visit the Clubcard Boost Opticians page, choose the amount of vouchers you wish to convert into coupons, hit ‘add to basket' and then follow the instructions on screen. You will then receive an email containing coupon codes worth double the value of your original vouchers. These coupon codes can then be entered at the checkout at on contact lenses, prescription glasses or sunglasses.

To get even more for your money why not combine your Clubcard Boost vouchers with our Buy One Get One Free offer? Use your Clubcard Boost vouchers against the price of any pair of frames priced £65 or above and receive a second pair of frames absolutely free!

Happy shopping!


*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability. Price includes standard 1.5 scratch-resistant single vision lenses.

**Terms and conditions apply. Minimum £5 Clubcard voucher value applies – see in store for details or here

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