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Contact Lenses AND Glasses: The Best of Both Worlds

Posted On 09 August 2016

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Are you one of the people making the mistake of being either a glasses wearer or a contact lens wearer instead of enjoying the benefits of both?

We don’t blame you for loving your fashionable frames, or enjoying the freedom that contact lenses offer, but if you only wear one or the other you probably find that there are certain times when your eyewear choice is inconvenient. That’s why we encourage customers, where possible, to enjoy the benefits that both options offer!

In this blog we’ll look at the times when your eyewear of choice might not be the best option and the advantages of embracing both contact lenses and glasses for different purposes.

If you’re a devoted contact lens wearer you may prefer glasses when... 

Contact lens eyes

You develop an eye infection or irritation

If you only wear contact lenses and don’t own any backup glasses what happens if you develop an eye infection, or if your eyes become irritated by allergies?
Without backup glasses you’ll probably be tempted to keep putting your contact lenses in to help you go about your day as normal, but this could cause further irritation.

This is probably the single most important reason why it is essential for contact lens wearers to own a pair of backup glasses, don’t put your comfort at risk!

You lose a contact lens or run out unexpectedly

Keeping a spare pair of glasses in your bag, at work, or in the car can be a real lifesaver in the unfortunate event that you lose a contact lens whilst out and about. It may be a rare occurrence that you lose a contact lens, but you’ll thank your lucky stars for your backup glasses when it does happen! 

Your eyes are very dry or tired

If you’re in a smoky or dry environment, or simply feeling tired or dehydrated, your eyes may become dry, causing some minor discomfort. Your eyes need oxygen, and although contact lenses are very advanced and breathable now, if your eyes are feeling a little irritated it can help to remove your contact lenses to let them breathe freely.

You fancy accessorising with some fun frames

With so many different styles now available, glasses have become must-have fashion accessories. We see more and more people ordering frames with clear lenses in, just because they want to get the look! Browse our trendy range of prescription glasses from brands like Lipsy, Michael Kors, ’54 and Tokyo Tom and you won’t be able to wait to get your hands on some new frames.


Travelling can be tiring and aeroplanes in particular can take a toll on our eyes. To make sure you’re feeling as fresh as possible when you reach your destination it can be a relief to wear glasses whilst travelling and then slip a pair of contacts into fresh and comfortable eyes upon arrival. If you’re travelling by car then prescription sunglasses like our Brink Sun range are the best option for keeping eyes protected from glare and UV rays. 

If you’re a devoted glasses wearer you may prefer contact lenses when...

glasses wearer

Exercising, playing sports or during outdoor pursuits

One time in particular when contact lenses have an advantage over glasses is when performing rigorous exercise or playing sports. Although there are plenty of stylish and practical sports glasses and sunglasses from brands like Oakley and Dunlop available today, nothing quite beats the comfort and unobstructed vision that contact lenses can offer when playing sports.

Your glasses don’t go with your outfit

A pair of frames that perfectly complement your everyday style and wardrobe might not be a perfect match for a more formal outfit. If you always have a pair of contact lenses on standby then it’s easy to leave your frames at home on the days that you don’t fancy wearing them or don’t feel that they’re the perfect match for your outfit. 

Your glasses break or get lost

We’ve all experienced mishaps with our glasses, and these mishaps have a habit of happening at the worst possible time. If you’ve ever sat or stood on your glasses before then you probably would have appreciated a pair of backup contact lenses at the time! Contact lenses are very small and light, making them no hassle at all to carry around in your bag or jacket pocket at all times just in case a terrible fate befalls your glasses.

Going to the cinema to watch a 3D film

This point may sound a little trivial, but I’m sure it’s something all glasses wearers can relate to! Wearing your glasses to a 3D film and then having to balance the 3D glasses over the top can be irritating and uncomfortable, not to mention making you feel a little silly...

Wouldn’t it be great if next time you’re off on a cinema date to see a 3D film you could leave your glasses at home and slip in a pair of contact lenses instead? That way you could wear your 3D glasses comfortably and concentrate on enjoying the film!

Have we convinced you of the advantages of both contact lenses and glasses? Once you’re open to wearing both you can begin enjoying the best of both worlds!

If you join our My Lens Plan contact lens Direct Debit scheme you can enjoy contact lenses delivered through your door regularly as well as free prescription glasses after 6 monthly payments and a discount on sunglasses.

Contact lens wearers can browse our full range of prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses to start giving their eyes a rest from time to time when they need it.

Whilst glasses wearers can begin enjoying the freedom and comfort of contact lenses when exercising or watching a 3D film by booking an initial contact lens appointment at their local Tesco Opticians store.



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