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Corporate Eyecare: Looking After Your Employee's Eyes

Posted On 27 April 2016

 Corporate Eyecare

Corporate eyecare schemes help businesses to offer their employees benefits that will keep them feeling happier, healthier and more comfortable in the workplace.

This Thursday is World Safety and Health at Work Day, a day championed by the International Labour Organisation. To mark the day we’d like to raise awareness of the comprehensive range of corporate eyecare solutions that Tesco Opticians offer, to help businesses look after their employees’ eyesight.

As well as providing extra value and care to employees, a corporate eyecare scheme helps businesses to meet their legal health and safety obligations.

What’s more, all Tesco Opticians corporate eyecare packages include a range of free and exclusive discounts for your employees and their families to redeem in-store.
Here are just a few common types of occupation where proper eyecare is extremely important:  

Computer-Based Work 

The world has become increasingly reliant on the internet, computers and other new technologies and for many people this now means spending hours on end looking at screens at work. This can include laptops, desktop computers and tablets to name just a few.

Many people can be affected with eyestrain symptoms and headaches from looking at screens for so long, which is why it’s important to protect your employees’ eyesight by complying with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.

 An important part of these regulations states that employers must provide all employees who regularly use VDU screens with a full eye examination from a qualified optometrist and basic VDU glasses if required for VDU use.

Suitable Tesco Opticians Corporate Packages:-

Screen Safe – Our Screen Safe package helps your business cover the legal obligations in a way that is affordable and fuss-free. A Screen Safe voucher costs just £15 and entitles your employee to a sight test and either a free pair of frames (for VDU use only) from our £15 range, including free single vision lenses and scratch-resistant coating, or £15 discount on any glasses purchased in-store.


Employers have a “duty of care” to look after the health and safety of their drivers at work by ensuring they meet the eyesight requirements stipulated in the Highway Code.

Suitable Tesco Opticians Corporate Packages:-

Driver Eyecare – Our Driver Eyecare vouchers cost just £40 and include a sight test and a pair of single vision glasses from our £15 range with anti-reflective coating (usually £30), or a free pair of non-prescription sunglasses from our £45 range if no prescription is required, or £45 discount on any glasses purchased in-store with anti-reflective coating. 

Hazardous Work

Wearing goggles on top of normal prescription glasses can be uncomfortable and impractical. Current Health and Safety Regulations require companies to provide all employees, who require safety eyewear in the course of their work, with a full eye examination from a qualified optometrist and safety glasses, dependent on the working environment and potential risks.

Suitable Tesco Opticians Corporate Packages:-

Safety Eyewear – We offer a wide range of safety options that cover your business and employees’ needs. Complete single vision safety glasses cost £32, varifocal and bifocal cost just £64. The sight test is included free of charge with all safety vouchers. There is also the option to add polycarbonate lenses, plus tints and UV, if needed. All of our safety glasses meet the current safety standards required.

At Tesco Corporate Eyecare, we make protecting your employees’ eyesight as easy as possible. Once you have set up your online account, you can provide your employees access to view and request vouchers that they are entitled to. Optional approval checks from line managers or key administrators are available before vouchers are released to employees.

All vouchers are provided free of charge and we only invoice on a monthly basis for the vouchers that have been redeemed in store by employees during that month.

Want to find out more? Visit or give us a call on: 0345 601 3479.


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