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Enjoy 3D films with the help of contact lenses or glasses!

Posted On 27 March 2012

Most people enjoy a trip to the cinema, where you can relax for a couple of hours and lose yourself in a good film and a seemingly endless box of popcorn. But with the increasing popularity of 3D films, your standard cinema outing is changing. For many, 3D adds additional excitement and depth to a film, however a significant number of people are unable to achieve the same level of relaxation and enjoyment.

Back in 2010, with the release of Avatar, The Daily Telegraph reported that about 3% of the UK population (more than 2 million individuals) are unable to sit through a 3D film without experiencing some discomfort. This is because some eye conditions such as squints and lazy eyes make it difficult, or even impossible to experience 3D, even with the use of glasses.

Viewing in 3D requires what is known as stereoscopic vision. This essentially means that both eyes have to work together in a co-ordinated manner as they converge, track and focus on the required images. Therefore, if an individual has one eye that is more dominant, or stronger than the other, their ability to view images in 3D is likely to be significantly or even completely impaired. This has also led to reports of unpleasant symptoms such as eyestrain, headaches, dizziness and nausea.

So have you found yourself wondering why everyone else is ooh-ing and ah-ing during 3D films? Perhaps you have left the cinema feeling unwell? If this sounds at all familiar then please don’t panic – remember you are by no means on your own! 

For peace of mind however, please do call 0845 601 3479 or book yourself a FREE eye test online to see if prescription glasses or contact lenses can help you. Our optometrists will be delighted to see you. 

In the meantime, happy viewing! 

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