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Fashion in focus - We chat to Victoria from!

Posted On 08 November 2013

 “Glasses are an accessory that can take your look from bland to awesome straight away.” 

This week we spoke to the lovely Victoria from Not only was she the winner of Company Magazine’s Best Personal Style Newcomer Award 2013 - with hair that any girl would envy - she’s also proud to show off her style through her specs! We chatted to her about her individual look, covetable wardrobe and her top tips for feeling great in glasses. 

Victoria is wearing the Emporio Armani 9672 frames in Tortoise, available online at now for only £115.00 including single vision lenses.


You embrace eyewear, what do you look for when you choose a new pair of glasses or sunglasses?

I love eyewear! It is my favourite accessory at the moment. They have to be the perfect style for my face or else it’s not going to happen. I have quite small features, so the wrong shape makes everything look totally awful. In sunglasses, again it’s all about the shape and the colour of the frame. I am a huge tortoiseshell fan as it is a little more subtle than a thick black frame.

Do you think that your glasses say a lot about your personality?
I definitely think they say a lot. Someone that wears glasses I think is quite assured of their personality and character. I love accessorising my outfits with large frames at the moment as it mixes a cute, feminine look with a more edgy, geek chic vibe.

What is your favourite outfit so far that you've styled with your glasses on the blog?
I really enjoyed styling them up with my new Acne sweater for the winter. The sweat is quite boxy and oversized and somehow the glasses just pull the look back together with sophistication.

What would be your best advice for feeling confident in eyewear and making glasses part of your look?
I think that if you personally think they look great, 99% of people will agree. Be confident and step out of your comfort zone. Glasses are no longer something you wear for a need, but as an awesome accessory that can take your look from bland to awesome straight away. They can also represent your character entirely differently and that in itself is fun. Let people make up their own minds about you and they will think you're looking pretty stylish. Just make it your own.

How will you be styling your Armani glasses for the festive party season?
I will definitely be wearing my glasses with cute little dresses and tights all the way through winter. For evenings out, I will be working them into night time looks with playsuits and heels, again because there is something so sexy about them that it would be a shame not to.

What sets your style apart from other style bloggers?
I like to be eclectic and individual in some aspects of the outfits I wear. I don’t just go with full on trend pieces at all times. I like to mix on trend pieces with gems I’ve had in my wardrobe for years. If I like it, then I wear it. I also have a penchant for coloured tights and leggings whereas a lot of bloggers tend to stay away from brights. I just like to wear something that matches my mood that day.

What inspired you to start your blog?
Reading other blogs and watching Youtube videos really got me inspired to start writing myself. I wanted to have my own voice and tell others about my experiences and my loves and hates, so I started Inthefrow. I have dabbled in blogging for years on Tumblr, but this time I wanted to create a more personal account of my opinions. 


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