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Fashion in focus - with vintage queen Gemma from!

Posted On 13 December 2013

At HQ we love to see how you style glasses from our amazing range, so we jumped at the chance to talk to Gemma from Retro Chick about her specs style!

Just like us, vintage maven Gemma believes that glamour isn’t just for special occasions, but for every single day. As a writer, blogger and vintage queen, she’s got many strings to her bow, but we wanted to pick her brain about her timeless style and find out her top tips for how to get retro-styling savvy.

Gemma is wearing the Lipsy 25 frames in Pink, available online at now for only £85, including standard 1.5 index scratch resistant single vision lenses.

Gemma from Retro Chic in the Lipsy 25 prescription glasses

What draws you to a new pair of glasses or sunglasses?
I like something a bit dramatic from sunglasses. I love big lenses and want something that stands out. With glasses it's a bit different, I prefer a more understated style, but I still want something a bit different from the norm and that fits in with my vintage inspired style.

When do you choose to wear glasses rather than contact lenses?
I wear my contact lenses almost every day, but I wear my glasses for a couple of days a month to give my eyes a break and still look glamorous!

What eyewear styles would you recommend that other vintage lovers invest in for 2014?
Always bear your face shape in mind when choosing vintage style frames. Cat eye frames like the Lipsy 25’s are very ‘50’s rockabilly, but you will need to think about the angle of the slanted shape, plus the weight and height of the frames as they can all affect whether they actually suit you.

Don't forget other vintage eras if you're not a fan of the cat eye shape, in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s round tortoiseshell or wire frames were very popular and these might suit you better.

How will you be styling your glasses for the festive party season?
I think I might wind a glittery pipe cleaner round the arms. I don't do tasteful at Christmas!

You are a lover of vintage glamour; do you think this sets you apart from other style bloggers?
There's a lot of style bloggers out there and we all have different styles. Even amongst vintage style bloggers there's a vast range, from those who dress period correct every day to those who like to make their vintage look more modern. I think I have my own style, but it's always evolving and changing.

What inspired you to start Retro Chick?
Back in 2007 I was in a job that was making me very miserable, I decided that my health and happiness were more important, so I left. I loved fashion and vintage and always had an eye for finding pieces to sell on, so I started selling vintage and pre owned clothing on eBay to make ends meet. I set the blog up initially as a way of promoting the shop, but I love writing and it just took off from there, writing and blogging have become my full time job.

How will you be styling your Lipsy 25 frames for Spring/Summer 2014?
They’re a nice light colour, so they’ll look great with summer styles. I have a pink ‘50’s sun dress that needs a few repairs that would look great with these glasses if I can get it fixed up over the winter; I’m terribly lazy with repairs!

Gemma from Retro Chic in the Lipsy 25 prescription glasses

Lissa on 16/12/2013 11:38:40 said

She looks like Marilyn Monroe!

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