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Festival Frame Fashion

Posted On 15 June 2016

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With Glastonbury festival kicking off the festival season next week, we’ve been busy picking out our festival glad rags for a summer full of music and dancing.

Bright and colourful eyewear has become a must-have festival accessory. There are so many different styles and colours out there that it’s easy to find a pair of glasses or sunglasses that perfectly complement any festival get-up! Although glasses are great for making a fashion statement, let’s not forget their practical uses too! Without your prescription glasses or sunglasses it may be a struggle to see your favourite band on stage, and sunglasses are absolutely essential if you’re going to be spending the whole weekend outside, even if in true British style the sun decides to stay firmly behind the clouds!

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite bold and flamboyant men’s and women’s frames. Whether you’re planning on wearing contact lenses and non-prescription sunglasses, prescription sunglasses or prescription glasses, we’ve picked out festival frames for everyone.  

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Prescription Glasses 

There’s no denying that festivals can and usually will get messy, especially if it rains. So whilst you want to feel and look great, you probably don’t want to be taking your most prized possessions along with you. With this in mind we’ve picked out two of our favourite festival-worthy frames from our budget prescription glasses range. 

Men’s | Party Eyes for Men 16

Party Eyes Men 16 

 Women’s | Ultramarine by Party Eyes

Party Eyes Women Ultramarine

Prescription Sunglasses

If you don’t want to be wearing your specs all weekend long at a festival, but don’t fancy putting contact lenses in and out whilst in a tent either, then prescription sunglasses could be the perfect solution for you! Our Brink Sun prescription sunglasses come in a range of attractive designs to suit any personality. See our favourite festival prescription sunnies below, or view the full Brink Sun range

Men’s | Brink Sun 9

Brink Sun 9 Prescription Sunglasses

Women’s – Brink Sun 6

Brink Sun 6 Prescription Sunglasses

Non-Prescription Sunglasses

If you’re looking for non-prescription sunglasses to wear either with or without contact lenses then we’ve got a great range of different brands and styles to choose from. Don’t forget that the sun’s UV rays still reach your eyes, even when the sun’s behind the clouds, so it’s important to wear sunglasses if you’re going to be outside at a festival for long periods of time. Read our blog ‘Sun Awareness Week: Protecting your Eyes from the Sun’ blog for more tips on how to keep your eyes safe from the sun this summer. 

See our two favourite non-prescription festival sunglasses below, or view our full sunglasses range.   


Men’s | Dunlop 27

Men's Dunlop 27 Sunglasses

Women’s | Lipsy Sun 41 

Lipsy Sun 41 Sunglasses 


Kid’s Non-Prescription Sunglasses

With more and more family-friendly festivals popping up all over the country we couldn’t think of a better way to spend a summer weekend than camping at a festival with the whole family. Kids will love the atmosphere and there’s usually children’s entertainment like crafts, theatre and face painting on offer to keep them entertained whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy the music. Don’t leave the house without packing the whole family’s sunglasses though as long hours outdoors can mean constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays. We’ve picked out our favourite Kangol Kids sunglasses from our range below. View our full Kangol Kids sunglasses range

Kangol Kids Sun 106 Blue  

Kangol Kids Sunglasses Pink

 Kangol Kids Sun 105 Pink

Kangol Kids Sunglasses Blue


Contact Lenses

Need to stock up on contact lenses before the festival season? View our full range of contact lenses.

If you’re planning on taking contact lenses to a festival make sure you always have backup prescription sunglasses and/or glasses packed too.


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 * Price includes standard 1.5 scratch-resistant single vision lenses.

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