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Frame Fashion - I guess what goes around comes around!

Posted On 30 March 2012

Vintage is having a revival. The catwalks have been awash with 50’s and 60’s inspired designs, allowing us all to channel our inner Mad Men persona into a sleek pencil skirt, or dashing suit and trilby.

Luckily, for those of us who wear glasses, the trend is continuing here too. Designers such as Ray-Ban and Kookai are all producing incredibly stylish eyewear – with a number of celebrities working the look too.

50’s style

The 1950’s are back with these cat eye frames. Katy Perry looks every inch the 50’s starlet in her sunglasses, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe in ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’. A statement look, cat-eye frames are not for the shy and retiring type! 

The ladies aren’t the only ones working the 50’s trend. Rap superstar Jay-Z takes his style influence (but not his musical influence) from rock and roll legend Buddy Holly. His bold, black plastic frames have been seen on everyone from Justin Bieber to Kanye West, making them the must have frame of the season.

60’s style

Both fashion icons, both married to national treasures, Jackie O and Victoria Beckham have more in common than sunglasses! 1960's style oversized frames made famous by America’s first lady and have been a symbol of style ever since. A favourite of celebrities and wags, the oversized frame instantly adds star appeal. 

Slightly less overt than the ladies frames, the guys have still got the circular shape here. Made iconic by Beatles legend, John Lennon, the circular frames are as much a symbol of the 60’s as the musician himself. Johnny Depp brings the look bang- up to date with tortoise shell frames, keeping more than a little of the 60’s bohemian spirit alive. 

70’s style

In the 70’s everything got bigger and bolder – including the glasses. These oversized frames have a square shape, making them more edgy than previous styles. Paris Hilton works a bold, statement look in her shade, emulating 70’s icon Bridgette Bardot. 

Not got a celebrity budget? Don't panic - you can rock a vintage look for a fraction of the cost at, and get designer sunglasses delivered straight to your door.  See how we've matched some of our frames to styles worn by celebrities in our blog - Top 10 Movie Sunglasses and in our Celebrity Style Stealer

The classic aviator. Has it ever gone out of fashion? Looking as good today on Zac Efron as it did 40 years ago on Robert Redford, this stylish shape never goes out of fashion and suits most faces, making it a fashion must have year after year. 

So it seems what goes around does indeed come around, with our favourite celebrities walking very closely in the footsteps on their predecessors. And if it’s good enough for them… let the vintage trend carry on!

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