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History of Eyewear

Posted On 08 January 2014

They are seemingly simple everyday items, yet glasses have been changing the lives of millions of people around the world for hundreds of years. From prescription glasses to contact lenses, corrective eyewear can dramatically improve sight and improve lives.

While most people think of eyewear as being a modern invention, the origins of the first glasses can be traced back to as early as 60 A.D - when it was fabled that Roman Emperor Nero watched gladiatorial battles through polished green emeralds. Whilst the history of the first modern eyeglasses is unclear, there are paintings dating back to as early as the 1300’s depicting famous figures wearing glasses to correct their vision.

At Tesco Opticians we’ve explored the history of eyewear from the 1700’s onwards and have created a potted history of the most iconic moments in the history of eyewear. Check out the timeline and learn about not only the history of eyewear but the origins of styles that are shaping current fashion, from wayfarers to aviators, and shed some light into the amazing future ahead.

Tesco Opticians - History of eyewear
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