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Infographic: Which Glasses Lens Options are Right for You?

Posted On 03 January 2017

Which Glasses Lens Options are Right for You?

Ever wondered about the benefits of those different glasses lens options and add-ons available at Tesco Opticians? Want to see things clearer and start getting more from your glasses? Read on to find out which options are right for you and your lifestyle!

At Tesco Opticians we offer a range of different lens options to help you to customise your glasses to your personal preference and lifestyle, to make sure that you are seeing as clearly as you can be at all times.

If you’re buying your glasses in-store then it’s easy to get help and advice with choosing the right lenses, but when buying online it can be difficult to understand whether you need polarised lenses or an anti-reflective coating, mirrored lenses or simply a tint. Working out which lens coating is right for you doesn’t need to be difficult though!

We’ve created this easy-to-follow infographic to help you discover which lens option is suited to you, as well as the features and benefits of all of the available options.

Just answer the questions on the flowchart below to find out more about your ideal lens at the bottom of the infographic and on our lens options page here.

Infographic Glasses Lens Options Blog

Know which lens option you need now?

Simply browse our full range of prescription glasses here and add your favourite frames into the basket. You will then be asked to fill out your prescription details and choose any lens add-ons before placing your order.

For more information about the different lens options we have available please visit our lens options information page here or you can speak to our Live Chat Advisor between 9am and 5pm Monday – Friday.


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