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Introducing: Bl@des Eyewear

Posted On 31 March 2016

 Introducing Bl@des

Our stylish, new, weatherproof ‘Blades’ eyewear range feature intelligent lenses that are able to detect and wipe away moisture from your glasses, for clear vision in any weather.

We’ve struggled to keep our exciting new glasses under wraps for this long, but today we’re thrilled to reveal our new design to you!

After years of engineering and optical research, we’ve used groundbreaking new materials to create the most innovative, stylish and practical pair of frames you’ve ever seen.

 Blades Glasses2

 The UK’s unpredictable wet weather can be a terrible nuisance for glasses wearers, but we can’t change the weather, so we decided to create a long overdue solution to the problem! How many times have you walked inside with rain soaked, fogged up glasses and had someone joke that you need windscreen wipers for your glasses? Sound familiar? We loved the vision so we’ve turned the idea into a reality!

After years of research we’ve created a pair of frames so slim, light and fashionable that it’s impossible to tell that they contain an internal one-speed solar-powered mini-motor for operating the wipers.

When not in use the wipers lay unobtrusively flat along the top of frame so as not to obscure your vision or detract from the stylish design.

During bad weather the intelligent water-resistant laced™ lenses will automatically detect when your vision is being impaired by moisture and the motor and wipers will kick in, instantly wiping water from your lenses and making your vision clear once more.

Priced at just £2,250!*


* This is an April Fool.

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