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Introducing I-Choose: The Range of Glasses Designed by You!

Posted On 24 January 2017

 I-Choose intro blog

With over 3,000 different combinations to choose from, our exciting new I-Choose range allows you to design a pair of glasses perfect for you and your lifestyle!

What’s more, I-Choose are part of our popular Buy One Get One Free promotion, so you can receive two self-designed frames for the price of one!



Our online I-Choose configurator tool puts you in control of exactly how your glasses look, by allowing you to select the style and colour of both the front of the frames and the sides. So how does it work?  

  • First, visit our online I-Choose configurator page to design your glasses!
  • Once you’ve created your perfect pair of specs, email your design to yourself.
  • Visit us in-store to show off your design and place your order.
  • We’ll then let you know once we’ve finished creating your glasses so that you can pop back in-store to collect your creation and receive a free fitting to make sure they fit perfectly too. 


You can either use our online configurator in-store or from the comfort of your sofa online here.

You’ll find a huge selection of men’s and women’s glasses fronts and sides in our configurator, including both plastic and metal frames in contemporary as well as more classic styles. 


Can’t decide whether to go for a more classic ‘work-friendly’ look or really unleash your creative side by designing some bold and bright frames? Well how about if we told you that you don’t have to decide between the two styles because you can get both looks for the price of one?

All of our I-Choose glasses are available as part of our popular Buy One Get One Free offer, so don’t miss out on your chance to design two fantastic pairs of frames for the price of one!

Ready to get started?

Design your perfect I-Choose frames here.

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