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Keeping your eyes on the ball

Posted On 03 April 2012

Back in September 2012 a wide range of charities, primary care trusts, opticians and academic institutions took part in National Eye Health Week (NEHW). The aim was to raise awareness of the need of regular eye tests and overall eye health.

During NEHW in 2010 a survey was conducted asking people about their routine eye care. The results were concerning. Whilst the majority of people surveyed knew that they should have their eyes tested every 2 years, only 27% of people had actually visited an optician. 

Why are eye examinations important?

General vision

Your vision is incredibly important and may continue to change throughout adult life. Having regular eye examinations will monitor any changes and ensure that you have the right prescription to meet your eyes’ needs.

Eye Health

A visit to your local opticians isn’t just about finding out how well you can see. Many optical conditions can be detected during your routine eye examination such as cataracts and glaucoma. Early detection and treatment of these conditions often leads to a better long term prognosis.

Related Illnesses

Other than specific eye related illnesses, sight tests can detect a range of other medical issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc. This means that an eye examination could possibly help detect other health issues not necessarily related to your sight.

Why don’t people go?

So given all the doom and gloom above about why an eye examination can be so important to both your vision and your overall health, why is it that so many people do not go regularly?

  • Concerned about cost

This is probably the most common concern. We’re all aware of financial pressures facing the UK at the moment and people are looking for areas to cut back. Traditionally, sight tests have ranged from £20 upwards and combined with the prospect of having to buy prescription glasses as a result, concerns about cost come to the fore. 

Currently there are more ways to buy low cost, high quality prescription glasses than ever before, without sacrificing on style. Our website has frames from just £15 including lenses. Couple this with our free eye tests and you can make massive savings. If you still like the idea of designer glasses, these start at £80 making them some of the cheapest available.

  • Inconvenient

Many people still view a visit to the opticians as an inconvenience – something which will require time out of work or weekend. Tesco Opticians aims to make it more convenient for people to have a sight test and is now open until 8pm on most week nights as well as weekends. This means you can combine grocery shopping with a sight test, oh and there’s free parking too!  

Generally the tests last about 30 minutes and if you don’t have time to pick out glasses frames there and then, you can always do it at home on 

  • Don’t like Glasses

Another common reason for not attending an eye test is the worry that you will have to wear glasses. Despite glasses becoming increasingly fashionable, there is still a reluctance to wear them. This is likely to diminish over the coming years as more and more celebrities and designers start to publicly wear frames, turning them from a necessity to an accessory. Tesco Opticians offer a wide range of styles, based on current trends meaning getting fashionable glasses needn’t break the bank.

If this is still not convincing, then contact lenses are an alternative. The recent developments in contact lens technology mean that they are more comfortable and convenient than ever to wear. even does a re-order and home delivery service, which takes all the hassle out of having contacts and allows you the flexibility of alternating between lenses and frames, dependent on your mood.

Looking after your eyes is so important, not only in terms of vision, but for your overall health and well being. Whilst there are a number of objections and reasons people find not to regularly visit an optician, hopefully you can see that there are many ways to overcome them, with Tesco Opticians at the forefront of this new concept of eyecare.

So keep your eyes on the ball, and, rather than neglecting your eyes, look into the options available and you’ll find it’s much easier than you think.

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