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8 Tips For Looking After Your Eyes at Festivals This Summer

Posted On 22 June 2016

 8 tips for looking after eyes festival

If you’re excitedly counting down the days until you set off to your first music festival of the year, make sure you read our blog about how to look after your eyes at a festival before you start packing!

Festivals provide us with some of our favourite summer memories. Watching your favourite bands and DJs, camping with old and new friends, drinking, eating and dancing in the great outdoors; it’s difficult to think of a better summer experience!

Festivals are a lot of fun, but they can be pretty hard on our bodies if we’re not careful, so it’s important to take care of yourself whilst you’re at a festival, and that includes your eyes!

Before you start packing your rucksack make sure you’ve read our 8 tips for looking after your eyes at a festival this summer, to avoid sore or uncomfortable eyes putting a dampener on your festival experience.

Sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses

There’s no guarantee that the sun will shine if you’re attending a festival in the UK, but it’s still super important to make sure that you pack sunglasses for the event. It doesn’t matter whether they’re prescription sunglasses or non-prescription sunglasses as long as they will protect you from the sun’s UV rays. Find out more about protecting your eyes in our blog ‘Sun Awareness Week: Protecting your Eyes from the Sun.

Remember that UV rays can still reach your eyes through a layer of cloud or by reflecting off surfaces if you’re sitting in the shade. During a festival you will probably be outside for far longer periods than what you’re used to, so keep your eyes protected behind a pair of flattering sunglasses. View our full range of non-prescription sunglasses here, or our Brink Sun prescription sunglasses here.

Drink plenty of water

looking after eyes at festival

It’s easy to get dehydrated at a crowded festival on a hot or muggy day, particularly if you’re drinking alcohol. One symptom of dehydration can be sore, dry eyes, which will only be made worse if you’ve been up late or not sleeping very well in your tent. Dry eyes can be uncomfortable and if you wear contact lenses then the feeling may be amplified. Make sure you’re drinking enough water by carrying a bottle with you at all times; a lot of festivals have free water taps for filling up when you need to. 

Pack rehydrating eye drops

All that sun, dirt, alcohol and lack of sleep can play havoc with your eyes at a festival, so pack a bottle of rehydrating drops to keep your eyes feeling comfortable and hydrated on the days when you’re not feeling quite as fresh as usual! But just make sure the drops are suitable if you wear contact lenses. 

Make sure you clean re-usable lenses in the proper solution

Daily lenses are the more hygienic option for a festival, but if your prescribed lenses are re-usable then it’s important to take precautions to make sure that you’re thoroughly cleaning them each time you take them out and store them in your lens case. Make sure you pack more than enough cleaning solution. Buy a new bottle if you’re not sure if there’s enough left in your current one. Make sure your hands are clean before handling your lenses and give them a gentle rub in the solution before storing them in the case overnight. Never try to clean your lenses in anything other than the appropriate contact lens solution. 

Always wash your hands before putting contact lenses in

wash hands festival

There’s no avoiding it, you’re going to get messy at a festival, especially if the weather turns a bit grim, but it’s alright because it’s all part of the experience! Even if you find that your personal hygiene standards have gone down the drain by day 3 of not showering, it’s still important not to let your hygiene habits slip when it comes to handling your contact lenses.

Make sure you clean your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes or removing your lenses. Pack a small handheld mirror so that you can sort out your lenses whilst in your tent and hopefully away from any dust and dirt. Take anti-bacterial hand wipes to make sure your hands are clean.

If you wear contact lenses pack backup glasses

If you usually wear contact lenses make sure you pack backup glasses just in case. Long days outdoors being active, late nights, disrupted sleep and alcohol can all make our eyes feel tired and uncomfortable. If you suffer from hay fever then you will also be relentlessly exposed to pollen during a festival. It’s always a good idea to pack glasses and/or prescription sunglasses to give your eyes a rest from contact lenses if they start to feel a little delicate.  Need some new frames? Check out our 'Festival Frame Fashion' blog for inspiration!

Take extra contact lenses and lens cases

Don’t make the fatal mistake of packing the exact number of contact lenses that you think you’ll need to see you through the festival or just the one lens case, always throw in a few extra pairs! You won’t be in your normal surroundings when putting in and taking out your lenses so there is a chance you could end up accidently dropping a lens or two in the dirt or losing your lens case.  

If you get allergies, pack your antihistamines 

Festival season falls during prime hay fever season, so if you know that you’re prone to the occasional sniff and sniffle during this time of year make sure that you pack enough antihistamines to cover you for the full duration of the festival. The last thing you want to be worrying about when you’re trying to have a good time is red, watery, itchy eyes. Wearing sunglasses can help to protect your eyes from pollen too.

Find out more about eye allergies in our blog ‘Allergy Awareness Week: Allergies and your Eyes’.

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