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Movie Sunglasses

Posted On 12 April 2012

So you’ve been cast in a film and are playing a super cool character, or a sexy bad man – how do you do it? Throw on a pair of shades. Here are some of our favourite movie sunglasses.

1. Jason Statham in Killer Elite
Jason Statham Ray-Ban 3025 gold

Jason “hard man” Statham shows us how to work the rough and ready look with these sunglasses. A modern take on the classic Aviator – you can get the look (but sadly not the muscles or the guns) from Tesco Opticians with these ultra-cool Ray-Bans for just £89. 

2. Tom Cruise in the Rock of Ages
Tom Cruise Religion SUN 09 - gunmetal

Tom Cruise glam-rocks it up with these authentic aviators with a graduated tint. Religion offer a rock ‘n’ roll pair, available for just £30. 

3. Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver
Robert De Niro Gant BAKER - gold

We couldn’t miss out De Niro’s Travis Bickle in our top ten. Slightly smaller than Cruise’s aviators these have a more urban feel making them a real statement design. Not one for shrinking violets – bit like the film then. 

These Gant aviators with gold frames for £30 would be perfect to create your own Robert De Niro-esque style. Perhaps give the Mohican a miss though.

4. Mila Kunis in The Book of Eli
Mila Kunis  Ray-Ban 3025 silver 

She's the only female that's made it into our top ten - but how could she not?  Here she is in The Book of Eli showing that Ray-Ban style aviators look as good on women as they do on men.  We've got various colours available for only £89.

5. Will Smith in Men in black 1, 2 and 3
Will Smith  Gant Marshal black

You really can’t beat the sharp suit and sunglasses combo that is the Men in black trilogy. Sexy, urban, and ultra cool, you’d be set to fight off aliens (and the ladies) with this pair of sunglasses from Gant priced at £50.

6. Robert Downey Junior in Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr Carrera FLAG 12

Iron Man, Tony Stark looks every inch the hero in these red-rimmed sunglasses to match his armored suit. With our range of sunglasses by Carerra you’ll be ready to take on evil, and look good doing it, just like Iron Man.  They're yours for £80.

7. Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Twelve
Brad Pitt1 Carrera FUNKY gold

Rusty Ryan has a large collection of designer sunglasses, all of which say sexy, suave, and undoubtedly cool. It’s tough to choose but we’ve decided that these gold framed offerings from Rusty’s collection are our favourites. We strongly believe every man should own a pair and luckily we’ve got Carerra’s version - the very aptly named FUNKY priced at £80. 

8. George Clooney in Ocean’s Thirteen
George Clooney Ferre 865 - gold

Another entry from the Ocean’s films – this time the man himself – Danny Ocean. Sophisticated and sexy in a pair of classic sunglasses, we could not leave this Hollywood bachelor out of our top ten. This pair of sunnies by Ferre embody the simple classic style that George wears so well.  Unfortunately these aren't yet available online, but contact your nearest store to find out if they have these available! 

9. Nicholas Cage in Drive Angry
Nicholas Cage Carrera FLAG 12 - black

Urban, edgy and energetic without compromising on style, these sunglasses scream action hero – just as Nicholas Cage does. If you think you have what it takes to re-create Cage’s hard man look why not try these cool  Carrera sunglasses for £80?? 

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator
Arnold Schwarzenegger Sporty sunglasses by Nike

An oldie but a goodie! We can’t promise you the muscles or death-defying abilities of Arnie, but we can offer you some stylish sunglasses. This pair from Nike are designed for action, as well as providing the ultimate comfort for all you sporty types. Contact your nearest store to find out if they have these available! 

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