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MyGlassesAndMe for Tesco Opticians – 100% Optical London - Event Preview

Posted On 13 February 2014

 Siu-Yin Shing MyGlassesAndMe

It is now just a few days until the first London optical show 100% Optical opens its doors and MyGlassesAndMe is lucky enough to be an official partner - which is highly exciting! 

With this show there are a couple of things that I am excited about. The first is that many European and American eyewear brands will be exhibiting and for some of them this is their first time showcasing their ranges in the UK. These are exciting brands that do not currently have any stockists in the UK.

I have every faith this show will be bringing a lot of fresh and exciting new eyewear to the UK market and it may even have an influence on young British designers. I have always felt our European friends are much more daring with their choices of eyewear.

The other thing I am most excited about is the fashion hub area. Within the fashion hub there will be live fashion shows, as well as static shows that will showcase the latest trends in fashion and eyewear. The trends at the fashion show tie in nicely with what is happening in the fashion world such as the ‘garden party’ trend, (the floral look is still going strong for SS’14). Then there is ‘film noire’, which is all about the British gentleman look. This look was EVERYWHERE during AW’14 Men’s Fashion Week which took place in January.

The three brands that I will be looking out for during the show are Undostrial, Frost and Salt, the main reason being that they are not currently available to buy in the UK. If you can't wait until the show to get your hands on a pair then I would recommend visiting Tesco Opticians have a large range of designer glasses and sunglasses, which is great. Best of all, they are at very affordable prices so you can keep up with the latest trends without it costing the earth!

Undostrial specialise in metal frames, which are all fairly masculine and if you want something similar I would say go for the Kangol range. My favourite frame is this one - it features strong lines just like the Undostrial range.

Kangol 225

Frost is quite a quirky German brand, they do both acetate and metal frames with most of the shapes more focused on being narrow. With that in mind, I feel Lipsy eyewear could offer you something comparable. My favourite glasses within the Lipsy range are these because the shape is pretty spot on and the arm detailing would be something that Frost would offer too.

Lipsy 28

Finally, Salt eyewear is from America and their frames have a very strong retro feel throughout the entire collection. Retro54 will definitely be your best bet for something like these. My favourite from the Retro54 collection (and possibly the most similar to Salt) are these- round and tortoiseshell, you can’t get more classic retro than that!

Retro 17

All the frames are of course priced very well and if you are worried about any hidden costs such as paying for your eye test then fear not because Tesco actually offer you FREE sight tests*! There really are no hidden costs. It is just the cost of the frame and that price also includes 1.5 index scratch resistant single vision lenses. Don't wait any longer and book yourself a sight test right here, right now. 

Catch me here again after the show to see what I got up to and I will be bringing you more exciting eyewear trends! 

You can keep up to date with my day-to-day glasses posts at or follow me on twitter @MyGlassesAndMe.

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