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QUIZ! Find your celebrity style match with Lipsy!

Posted On 05 November 2013


 Lipsy girls love fashion and at so do we. Every woman has her own signature style, but which celebrity do you think would feel at most home in your wardrobe? 

Take our quiz to find out your celebrity style sister and sneak some super star inspiration for your next pair of prescription glasses!

The Lipsy eyewear collection has been designed for women who want to feel confident, whatever their style. The perfect pair of prescription glasses will embrace and enhance your personal style, so whether you’d rather not go out than go out without your false eyelashes, or if you love to be glossy and groomed or even if you only feel at home in denim, leather and lashings of eyeliner, we’ve got a celeb style match for you! There’s the ideal pair for every look in the Lipsy eyewear collection.

Take our quiz now and find your celebrity style twin! Let us know who your match is over on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and be sure to use the hashtag #LoveEverySight. 


Get Katy Perry's look with the Lipsy 25 frames.Get Lady Gaga's look with the Lipsy 14 sunglasses. Get Alex Gerrard's look with the Lipsy 30 frames (exact match!). Get Alexa Chung's look with the Lipsy 32 frames. Get Taylor Swift's look with the Lipsy 02 frames. 

Let us know you you've been matched with! 


Yay! Katy Perry! on 06/11/2013 09:32:20 said

Faye on 06/11/2013 09:31:02 said

YAY! I knew I'd be Katy Perry!

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