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Reading Glasses: Off-The-Shelf Ready Readers VS Prescription

Posted On 01 December 2016

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Find out the benefits of prescription reading glasses over non-prescription ‘ready readers’ which can be bought from many high street stores to decide which option is better for you and your eyes. 

Off-the-shelf reading glasses often referred to as ‘ready readers’, can be purchased cheaply and conveniently from a number of high street stores and online retailers without the need for a prescription, but are they really the right option for your eyes?

What are ready readers?

Ready readers are available to buy from many pharmacies and various other high street retailers. They are only suitable for those with mild presbyopia, a condition that generally occurs in middle and old age which results in having difficulty reading at closer distances. They are available in a variety of different strengths and you don’t need a prescription to purchase a pair, but without one it may take a process of trial and error to find the right power for you.

Ready readers won’t damage your eyes but may cause headaches, eyestrain or tired feeling eyes if you’re not wearing a power that is suitable for you.

Those with very mild presbyopia who only wear reading glasses very occasionally and aren’t bothered about the way their glasses look, may feel that ready readers are a convenient option.

With our prescription reading glasses starting at just £15 a pair including lenses, we don’t think there’s any reason to compromise on visual quality and not opt for glasses made especially to suit your own personal requirements.  Our full range of prescription glasses frames are available as reading glasses, whether you're looking for a stylish pair of budget frames or high-end designer glasses, view our full range here.

Benefits of prescription reading glasses

Prescription reading glasses provide the most accurate reading comfort quality. Your optometrist will be able to assess your individual needs and recommend a prescription and type of lens that will suit both your eyes and your lifestyle.

  • Benefits of visiting your optician and opting for prescription reading glasses include:

  • Glasses are made especially to your own precise prescription and accurate measurements.

  • Long-lasting and high quality frames

  • The best choice for those who need a stronger level of vision correction

  • The more fashionable option - available in a huge variety of different shapes, styles and colours including designer frames, so that you can choose a style to suit you

  • Can have a different prescription in each lens to suit your eyes

  • Glasses are fitted by a professional to ensure comfort

  • Prescription reading glasses can be used to correct a variety of conditions including astigmatism, whilst ready readers are only suitable for mild presbyopia

Wearing glasses for distance as well as near vision

Those that already wear glasses for distance vision may find that varifocal lenses are the most suitable option for them. Although these kinds of lenses are more expensive than single vision reading glasses lenses they mean that only one pair of glasses is needed to correct both fields of vision, which is far more convenient than constantly swapping from one pair of glasses to another.

Book a free eye test at your local Tesco Opticians here or browse our full range of prescription glasses here.

All of our prescription glasses, including designer brands like Guess, Ray-Ban and Diane von Furstenburg, as well as our budget range starting at just £15 including lenses, can be made as reading glasses at no additional cost.

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