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Struggling to choose new glasses?

Posted On 12 March 2013

Ooooooh choosing a pair of glasses - it can be fun trying everything on until you realise that not many styles suit you. The worn out pair you’ve got are the ones you always loved, so where do you start with finding a new pair? 

This is where our online opticians service comes in handy. Tesco Opticians online helps you to narrow down the search for the glasses that suit you. So if you want full framed plastic men’s glasses with a square shape, in brown, you can tailor your search for just that! Or maybe you want us to recommend glasses in a certain style that suit you, like classic, retro or petite shapes. There’s plenty of choice we've made searching much easier!

You can even try some of our glasses frames on in the comfort of your own home using our state of the art technology - Frames On Me, or, you can read and get some further advice on which styles will suit you best in our Buying Guides.

If it's a celebrity look you're after - take a look at our Celebrity Style Stealer, and bag that look for yourself!


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